State Route 322

Monroe County


The proposed improvements to State Route 322, from Sweetwater-Vonore Road to State Route 72 in Monroe County, consist of widening the existing rural, two-lane roadway for approximately 9.4 miles. The proposed design generally follows the existing alignment, except for the section between Brakebill Road and SR 72, which will be on new alignment.

Purpose and Need

The existing roadway along SR 322, between Sweetwater-Vonore Road and SR 72, is a two-lane, rural major collector. Construction will increase lane and shoulder widths and correct route deficiencies. The planned improvements are designed to improve safety, mobility, and overall efficiency of the corridor.

Proposed Design

The current roadway consists of varying widths, with 10- to 12-foot travel lanes and 2- to 6-foot shoulders. The proposed design would allow for 12-foot travel lanes with 8-10 foot shoulders throughout the length of the project. In addition to widening, several
locations along the route have been identified for additional safety improvements due to deficiencies in the curvature and grade of the roadway. Correcting the deficiencies will allow for better sight distance at intersections. Additional capacity and safety improvements, including the addition of turn lanes, are also proposed at the intersection of SR 322 and SR 72.

Due to the overall corridor length, improvements to SR 322 has been divided into three smaller projects.

  • Sweetwater-Vonore Road to near Acorn Gap Road (4.0 mi)
  • From near Acorn Gap Road to Sheppard Road (3.1 mi)
  • Sheppard Road to State Route 72 (2.3 mi)

Project History

Improvements to SR 322 were studied by TDOT in a 2007 Advanced Planning Report. The APR evaluated 8.5 miles of the corridor, from west of Sunnyside Road to SR 72 in Monroe County. Following ongoing funding concerns, TDOT Commissioner John Schroer authorized a reinvestigation of the proposed project in June 2014. The Expedited Project Delivery (EPD) report was approved in January 2015, which allowed the project to move forward. For more information on project development, visit the Timeline section for this project.