State Route 35 (US411) from near Sims Road in Sevier County to State Route 92 in Jefferson County

Jefferson & Sevier Counties
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State Route 35 near Sims Road to Chestnut Hill at SR 92 will be 3.778 miles of entirely new alignment. This project is the third phase of construction of SR 35/US 411. This project consists of the grading, drainage, construction of seven (7) concrete box culvert/ bridges and paving on US 411/SR 35.

Purpose and Need

State Route 35 is a major corridor from Greenville to Maryville. The purpose of the project is to create a safer, more efficient route for S.R. 35.


The new alignment will begin near Sims Road in Sevier County and will tie-in at SR 92 in Jefferson County. The proposed improvement will consist of five (5) twelve (12) foot travel lanes, two (2) in each direction with a twelve (12) foot center turn lane and twelve (12) foot shoulders (ten (10) foot paved). 

The proposed project includes the construction of six (6) box culverts, five (5) on the proposed SR 35 and one (1) on Dickey School Road and one (1) box bridge (Flat Creek) on proposed SR 35.

The project also includes improvements to existing SR 35/US411.

There are no sidewalks or ADA ramps on the project.

Current Status: Currently surveying and staking, clearing and grubbing, and installation of erosion control and sediment prevention measures.

Construction start:  May 25, 2023 (Effective Date)

Estimated completion*: October 31, 2026 (Contract Completion Time)

Funding Type: 80% Federal, 20% State  



Traffic Impacts 


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Project Contacts

Mark Nagi
TDOT Region 1 Community Relations Officer (media)
Phone: 865.594.0161