Interstate 640 Reconstruction

Knox County

The project along Interstate 640, from the I-40 Interchange east of Knoxville to the I-40 Interchange west of Knoxville, consists of resurfacing or reconstructing the roadway for approximately 10 miles. The improvements will ehance the safety and mobility of the entire corridor.

Current Status: March 15, 2024

Motorists traveling on I-640 in Knox County should be aware of upcoming road construction activities that will have an impact on traffic.

Beginning at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 17, one lane will be closed on I-640 East from just before North Broadway (Exit 6) to Washington Pike (Exit 8). Beginning at 11 p.m., the on ramp from North Broadway (Exit 6) to I-640 East will be closed intermittently to allow the contractor to shift traffic for repair activities on the bridge over Nora Road.

After this traffic shift on I-640 East is complete, the contractor will be performing a slight shift on I-640 West for repair activities on the bridge over Nora Road. One lane will be closed on I-640 West between the Washington Pike (Exit
8) on ramp and the North Broadway (Exit 6) interchange.

All of these road construction activities will take place nightly until 6 a.m., and all work is expected to be complete by Friday morning, March 22.

Construction start:  July 2022

Estimated completion: August 2024

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History and Background

I-640 was designed and constructed in the late 1970s as an east-west loop around the city of Knoxville. Upon completion of the roadway in 1982, it linked I-40 with US 441, I-75/I-275, and other routes in the city, just in time for the World’s Fair.

Today, traffic counts along the interstate connector average between 66,000 and 87,000 vehicles per day. The existing roadway is three lanes in each direction and much of the existing road surface is in substandard condition and needs to be repaired or replaced. An extensive pavement project is needed for the six-lane facility.



Public Involvement and Engagement

Project Handout from July 2022  



Project Imagery & Visuals

Project Map

Video from September 2022

August 2022 Video

I-640 Resurfacing Project Rubblization Video



Key Project Milestones 

The proposed design calls for repair or replacement of the deteriorated pavement throughout the 10-mile corridor.

Due to the size of the corridor, the I-640 project has been divided into two smaller sections or phases.

Phase 1: I-640 between I-75/I-275 and I-40 (west of Knoxville) COMPLETED

  • Removed top layer of asphalt
  • Replaced with two layers of asphalt, including a binding layer

Phase 2: I-640 between I-40 (east of Knoxville) and I-75/I-275

  • Rubblize existing roadway surface
  • Use rubblized material for new roadway base.
  • Repave roadway

Project Contacts

Jason Sholtz (Project Manager)
TDOT Region 1

Mark Nagi (Media Contact)
TDOT Region 1 Community Relations Officer

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