Multimodal Access Grant

TDOT’s Multimodal Access Grant is a state-funded program created to support the transportation needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users through infrastructure projects that address existing gaps along state routes. Multimodal facilities play an important role in providing transportation choices for people across Tennessee. With half of all trips in the United States being three miles or less, good walking, biking and transit facilities are essential to the continued growth and success of our towns and cities.

Multimodal Access Grant projects are state-funded at 90 or 95 percent, depending on the economic status of the project county, up to a total project value of $1,250,000.

The next open application cycle is expected to open in the Spring of 2024. Please check back for details.

For questions, contact Daniel McDonell at

Information From Previous Grant Cycle

In 2022, 53 Multimodal Access Grant Notice's of Intent to Apply were received and assessed for eligibility. 49 applicants were found eligible, and invited to submit Full Applications. 43 Full Applications were made and assessed. 27 Awards were made. 

Here is supporting information available to applicants for the 2023 Multimodal Access Grant cycle:

The 2023 Multimodal Access Grant cycle timeline will be:

April 26th 2023 to May 16th - Notice of Intent to Apply period will open for email applications from all Tennessee incorporated Towns, Cities, and Counties.

May 31st to July 18th - Full Application period will open, for invited applicants only, via the eGrants system.

July 19th to Thanksgiving 2023  - Full Applications will be assessed and reviewed.

Winter 2024 - Grant awards will be announced.

Assistance for Economically Distressed and At Risk Counties

TDOT is working to assist communities, especially those in Economically Distressed and At Risk Counties, with affordability and delivery of Multimodal Access Grant projects: 


TDOT match percentage and amounts were changed for the 2022 grant cycle: The match percentage for projects located in economically Distressed and At-Risk counties is 95% (with a maximum award amount of $1,187,500). The match percentage for projects in all other locations is 90% (with a maximum award amount of $1,125,000).

TDOT Delivery Option

TDOT may offer a limited number of Multimodal Access Grant awardees the option for TDOT to deliver winning projects in their entirety. TDOT will decide which communities will be offered this option at the time awards are announced.

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