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Public Transit Forms

Below are forms for use by Office of Public Transportation subrecipients.


General Transit Forms for All Agencies:

Vehicle Accident Reporting Form

Signatory Authority Form

Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Certification of Equivalent Service

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities/Form LLL

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Detail Worksheet (DBE Report)

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Information Form


Contract Forms:

Contract Request Form (pdf)

Rural Transportation Forms:

Certification of Contract Service Revenue Use Restricted to Public Transportation Purposes

Certification of Contract Trip Vehicles Available for Public Transportation Use

Certification of Single Audit Requirement


Charter Service Forms:

Charter Exception Report

Charter Service Pre-Approval Request Form


Section 5310 Non-Profit Agency Forms:

Section 5310 Quarterly Status Reporting Form


Asset Management Forms:

Sample Maintenance Plan for 5310 Non-profit agencies

Basic Maintenance Log for 5310 Non-profit agencies

Request Permission for an Asset to be Out of Service

Vehicle Capital Asset Sheet - Rural Agencies

Vehicle Capital Asset Sheet - 5310 Non-Profit Agencies

Vehicle Inspection Sheet

Request Permission for TN Title for Vehicle Disposal

Final Disposal of Vehicle Capital Asset

Equipment Capital Asset Sheet

Equipment Inspection Sheet

Request Permission for Equipment Disposal

Final Disposal of Equipment Capital Asset

Real Property/Facility Capital Asset Sheet

Real Property/Facility Inspection Sheet

Incidental Use Form