Transit Funding Opportunities

TDOT provides a variety of funding opportunities for public transit agencies throughout the year. Below is a list of active opportunities and recent awards. 

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A Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) is required to compete for a 2024 IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant award. Eligibility considerations include the applicant’s status as a recipient of 5307 or 5311 funding, transit-related purpose and need, non-duplication of ongoing or previously funded initiatives, the applicant agency’s compliance status, and completeness of the submitted documentation. To submit a Notice of Intent to Apply, please follow the link below. 

Notice of Intent to Apply: SFY2024 IMPROVE 

Deadline: Notices of Intent to Apply must be received by 11:59pm Central on July 31, 2023 to be considered. Questions about the IMPROVE Act Transit Investment Grant program, the NOI/application process, or about the specifics of a proposed project may be directed to Christopher Turner at or by phone (615) 253-1033.

The Section 5310 Program Call for Projects received a total of $7,108,850 in eligible project applications. A total of $2,580,772 in federal funding was awarded to the following applicants: 

Applicant Project Location Project Description 
Adult Community Training Rural 1 Replacement Van $68,622
Cumberland Mountain Industries Rural 1 Replacement Van $66,717
King's Daughters' School  Rural 1 Replacement Van $68,622
PCS of West TN Rural 1 Replacement Bus $69,306
Progressive Directions, Inc. Rural 1 Expansion Van $68,622
SCTDD Rural Mobility Management $682,866
SETHRA Rural Mobility Management $86,789
UCHRA Rural Mobility Management $400,000
Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System  Rural 1 Expansion Bus $69,306
Clarksville Transit System Urban 2 Replacement Buses  $138,611
Clarksville Transit System Urban 6 Replacement Price Increases  $45,174
ETHRA Urban 4 Replacement Buses $277,222
Frontier Health Urban 1 Replacement Van $66,717
Life Bridges, Inc. Urban 3 Replacement Vans $200,152
Mt. Carmel Senior Center Urban 1 Replacement Bus $69,306
Progressive Directions, Inc. Urban 2 Expansion Vans $133,435
Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System  Urban 1 Expansion Bus $69,306
Project Type   Applicant  Project Scope  SFY2023 Award
Rolling Stock
& Equipment
Chattanooga (CARTA) Purchase of 7 replacement roll up doors at the maintenance shop.  $224,000
Chattanooga (CARTA) Purchase of a generator at the paratransit department to ensure continuity of operations and emergency planning.  $120,000
Clarksville Purchase of 2 expansion buses to serve rapid growth in demand in the North side of service area. $800,000
Knox CAC Purchase and install wheelchair lift safety barriers on entire fleet.  $100,000
Knoxville (KAT) Mid-life overhauls for up to 5 hybrid transit vehicles.  $658,155
Memphis (MATA)* Phase 1 rehabilitation of Siemens U2 streetcars for operation on the Madison Line, including essential inspections, maintenance, repairs, modifications, testing, and integration testing. $1,000,000
Nashville (WeGo) Replace 24 real-time electric bus bay signs at WeGo Central station & four waiting areas.  $1,800,000
Nashville (WeGo) Development of former Hickory Hollow Mall into a transit center and mobility hub.  $5,000,000
Nashville (WeGo) Pedestrian safety & bus access improvements at 4 bus stops on or adjacent to the High Injury Network $1,200,000
Facilities Knoxville (KAT) Complete in-route charging project at Knoxville Station, including construction, chargers, and engineering.  $3,750,000
Murfreesboro Additional funding for construction of the Murfreesboro Transit Center  $3,000,000
UCHRA Purchase of a property in McMinnville to renovate into a new hub for rural operations in Warren County. $700,000
IMPROVE SFY23 Competitive Awards Total   $18,352,155
IMPROVE SFY23 Advanced Commitment Total    $2,279,250
IMPROVE SFY23 Grand Total      $20,631,405
TDOT Project Delivery & Program Administration   $368,595
SFY2023 IMPROVE Act Transit Investment Grant Budget   $21,000,000
*Award is contingent based on progress of prior award for this same purpose.