IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant

Part of the “Improving Manufacturing, Public Roads, and Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy” Act signed into law in 2017 under the Haslam Administration, the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant contributes to reducing congestion, increasing ridership, promoting economic development, and benefits to safety by providng state funding to transit-related projects. Since its inception in 2018, nearly 100 capital transit projects have been awarded, including the locomotive rebuild for the WeGo Star, transit bus stop improvements, capital start-up costs for a micro-transit project, and transit facilities. The grant aligns with TDOT’s vision of continuous improvement and data informed decision-making within the State of Tennessee. 

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IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant SFY2024 Awards 

Project Type Applicant Capital Transit  Project SFY2024 Award
Rolling Stock & Equipment Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority Replacement fareboxes and collection equipment to allow for diverse forms of payment.  $920,581
Clarksville Transit System Purchase of 2 replacement hybrid buses.  $1,600,000
Delta Human Resource Agency Purchase of a Service Truck and assorted tools to support the maintenance of the Delta fleet on rural roadways.  $64,342
Gatlinburg Mass Transit System Purchase of 5 replacement trolleys.  $1,491,972
RTA of Middle Tennessee Purchase of software, hardware, and equipment for AVL, GPS, and real time arrival systems for WeGo Star rail vehicles  $800,000
South Central TN Development District Purchase fleet-wide camera systems and upgrade to digital radio communications system. $588,880
Infrastructure (Passenger-Facing) Knoxville Area Transit Engineering for bus stop improvements, building on an SFY2021 award for 25 stops.  $600,000
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) Construction of ped improvements and transit amenities at 4 sites, 3 along Trinity Lane and 1 on Murfreesboro Pike.   $2,400,000
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) Engineering and cosntruction for bus stop sites that require easements, property acquisitions or extensive civil construction at locations on the High Injury Network.  $5,000,000
Facilities First TN Human Resource Agency Parking lot expansion at the maintenance facility for revenue vehicle storage. $315,653
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) Additional funding for the Hickory Hollow Transit Center.  $2,500,000
Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency Purchase of 3 vehicle lifts and 3 rolling jacks for the UCHRA Maintenance shop. $48,000
IMPROVE SFY2024 Competitive Awards Total $16,329,428
Memphis Area Transportation Authority Bus Rapid Transit Advanced Commitment (May 2023)   $2,124,788
TDOT Project Delivery & Program Administration $300,000
IMPROVE SFY2024 Grand Total $18,754,216

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