May 31, 2019 SBE Meeting

May 31, 2019


May 31, 2019

9:00 am


Tennessee Board of Regents Board Room 1 Bridgestone Park Nashville, TN 37214


I.             Consent Items (Voice Vote)

               A.            Adoption of Agenda

               B.             Approval of Minutes from February 8, 2019 Conference Call
                               Meeting, April 2, 2019 Conference Call Meeting, and April
                               16, 2019 Educator Preparation & Licensure Subcommittee

              C.             BEP Review Committee Member Appointments
                               Item to confirm the members of the 2019-20 Basic Education
                               Program (BEP) Review Committee.

 II.           Action Items (First Reading)

                A.          Tennessee School Bus Specifications Policy 2.400
                              First reading to align current industry standards to increase the safety of school bus drivers and students by adding bus                                      specifications for vehicles built after July 1, 2019 in accordance with National School Transportation and Procedures                                              manual adopted by the 16th National Congress on School Transportation. Last updated 2012.

                B.           Category II Non-public School Accrediting Agencies, Rule 0520-07-02-.03
                               First reading to approve category II applicants.

                C.           Individualized Education Accounts, Rule 0520-01-11
                              First reading to clean up edits to make the rules consistent with state law. Makes clarifications to the definitions and                                            processes in regards to account holder agreement, criminal background checks, student eligibility, and approved use of                                      funds.

                D.           Educator Preparation Policy 5.504
                               First reading to make clarification to the participation of EPPS in a review and other changes and clarifications needed                                         from recently approved emergency rule.

                 E.            Middle Grades Policy 2.102
                                 First reading to clarify that students taking high school courses in middle school shall be awarded high school credit.

                 F.             Charter School Revocation Policy 6.110
                                 First reading to reflect changes passed in the 111th General Assembly.

                 G.            Charter School Intervention Policy 6.700
                                 First reading to reflect changes passed in the 111th General Assembly.

                 H.            Charter School Renewal Policy 6.800
                                 First reading to clarify the appeal process and reflect recent updates to State Board policy 2.500 and changes passed in                                       the 111th General Assembly.

III.            Action Items (Final Reading)

                 A.             Professional Assessments Policy 5.105
                                  Final reading to clarify expectations for out of state applicants’ use of the PLT or edTPA, and to align with the Educator                                          Licensure and Educator Preparation Rules.  There have been changes since first reading.

                 B.             Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Policy 5.201
                                  Final reading to update the appendix with additional achievement measure selections.  There have been changes since                                      first reading.

                 C.             K-5 STEM Permanent Course
                                  Final reading of a new STEM course for grades K-5.  Districts have requested this course, so they can provide students                                          with an opportunity to prepare for the 6-12 STEM courses.  There have been no changes since first reading.;

                 D.             Revisions to the Introduction & Appendix for the Social Studies Standards
                                  Final reading to revise the Introduction and Appendix of the Tennessee Academic Standards for Social Studies.  There                                          have been changes since first reading.

                  E.            High School Policy 2.103
                                 Final reading to correct the alternate assessment language and to add criteria for developing credit accrual programs to                                     eliminate barriers for students at risk of not graduating.  There have been changes since first reading.

                  F.             Educational Interpreters Policy 5.400
                                  Final reading to repeal this item as requirements for educational interpreters have been included in the Employment                                          Standards Rule.  There have been no changes since first reading.

                  G.            Court-Ordered Day Treatment Facilities, Rule 0520-01-15
                                  Final reading to provide clarity for LEAs in regards to T.C.A. § 49-3-370 as it relates to funding of educational services to                                        children in eligible court-ordered day treatment facilities.  There have been minor changes since first reading.

                   H.           Charter School Appeals Policy 2.500
                                   Final reading to clarify certain aspects of the appeal process and to ensure clear alignment to State Board Rule 0520-14-                                     01-.02 and other State Board policies.  There have been changes since first reading.

                    I.            Charter School Application Review Policy 6.300
                                  Final reading to clarify certain aspects of the appeal process and to ensure clear alignment to State Board Rule 0520-14-                                      01-.02 and other State Board policies.  There have been minor changes since first reading.

                    J.            Charter School Performance Framework
                                  Final reading to reflect feedback gathered from our authorized charter schools and reflections after our first year as an                                      authorizer.  There have been changes since first reading.

                    K.           Charter School Oversight and Evaluation Policy 6.500
                                   Final reading to clarify aspects of the oversight and evaluation process, specifically within the requirements for data                                             collection and analysis.  There have been minor changes since first reading.

                     L.           Charter School Quality Charter Authorizing Standards Policy 6.111
                                    Final reading to include an update that reflects revised national quality authorizing principles.  There have been no                                                changes since first reading.

                     M.          2019-20 State Minimum Salary Schedule
                                    First and final reading of an item that sets the state minimum salary schedule for licensed personnel.
                                    Attachment 1                                  Attachment 2

                     N.           Charter School Local Education Agency (LEA) Policies
                                    First and final reading of updates to the policies that govern Board-authorized charter schools.
                                    Attendance Policy 6200                                                                    Promotion, Retention, Assessment & Grading Policy 4603
                                    Adoption of Policies Policy 1100                                                     Property Sales Policy 2403
                                    Alternative Credit Options Policy 4209                                         Public Records Policy 1407
                                    Application & Employment Policy 5106                                        Purchasing & Contracts Policy 2805
                                    Background Investigations Policy 5118                                        Remands & Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority Policy 
                                    Bullying, Harrassment & Hazing Policy 6304                                   6317
                                    Child Custody and Parental Access Policy 6209                          Revenue & School Fees Policy 2400
                                    Emergency Preparedness Policy 3202                                           School Admissions & Enrollment Policy 6206
                                    English Learners Policy 4207                                                            School Calendar Policy 1800
                                    Expenses & Reimbursements Policy 2804                                   School Operating Budget Policy 2200
                                    Homebound Instruction Policy 4206                                             Smoke Free Enrironment Policy 1803
                                    Homeless Students Policy 6503                                                      Substitute Teachers Policy 5701
                                    Inventory & Equipment Policy 2702                                               Suspension, Expulsion, & Remand Policy 6316
                                    Migrant Students Policy 6504                                                          Test Security Policy 4701
                                    Parent Involvement Policy 4502                                                      Transportation Policy 3400
                                    Payroll Procedures Policy 2802                                                        Work-Based Learning Program Policy 4211

                     O.           Educator Licensure, Rule 0520-02-03
                                    Final reading of rule that incorporates educator licensure policy with updated and aligned requirements for all                                                      pathways.  There have been changes since first reading in October 2018.

                      P.           Charter School Amendments, Emergency Rule 0520-14-01-.06
                                    First and final reading of an emergency rule to establish the timelines and appeal process for charter schools who wish                                      to appeal a denial by the charter school authorizer of a petition to amend the charter agreement.

IV.                 Teacher License Actions

                     A.            Nicholas Colbaugh – This item was removed at the Board meeting for harsher discipline

                     B.            Billy Ray Duncan – This item was removed at the Board meeting                                                   

                    C.            Chase Helton – Voluntary Surrender*

                    D.            Walter Hite – Suspension, 3 Months Retroactive

                    E.            Jermaine Johnson – Restoration

                    F.            Melissa Lamb – Formal Reprimand

                    G.           Martin McFarlane – Revocation, Automatic

                    H.           Timothy Mercer – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

                     I.            Michael Miles – Voluntary Surrender

                     J.            Jason Moore – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

                     K.          Larry Nidiffer – This item was removed at the Board meeting for harsher discipline

                     L.           Leeona Oszust (Acuff) – This item was removed at the Board meeting for harsher discipline

                     M.         Whitney Roberson – Formal Reprimand

                     N.          Velita Smith – Voluntary Surrender

                     O.          Emily Tubb – Restoration

                     P.           Lonnie Vann – Revocation, Automatic*

                     Q.          Jameka Ward – Revocation, Automatic

                      R.         Michael Warwick – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

                      S.          Johnny Washington – Voluntary Surrender

                      T.          Meghan Wilson – Revocation, Automatic

V.                  Teacher Licensure Actions – Appeal

                      A.           Erin Knight

VI.                Adjournment