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Joining ParTNers for Health

We provide health insurance coverage for State, Local Education, Local Government and Higher Education employees and retirees for the State of Tennessee. Our benefits are designed to protect you and your family from the high costs often associated with health care. 

To better serve you and all our members, we have a Local Outreach Team to:

 Provide on-site help with your enrollment in health insurance coverage.

 Assist in training your staff for selecting the best benefits options available.

 Be your point of contact and answer any questions you, or your employees, may have.

We are committed to excellent customer service both before and after you join. Whether you’re searching for affordable coverage or more access to resources, we’re here to serve you. 

If you’d like to learn more, let us know and a member of our team will reach back out to you.

See If You Qualify

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All Tennessee city governments.


All Tennessee county governments.


 City Schools

 County Schools

 Special School Districts

 Charter Schools authorized by State law

Yes, E-911 Districts qualify dependent upon meeting the criteria pursuant to TCA § 7-86-104

Yes, Economic Development Districts and Human Resource Agencies qualify dependent upon meeting the criteria pursuant to TCA § 13-14- 102

Yes, City Housing Authorities qualify dependent upon meeting the criteria pursuant to TCA § 13-20-401, and County Housing Authorities qualify dependent upon meeting the criteria pursuant to TCA § 13-20-501

Yes, organizations that can demonstrate that they meet the following three requirements of TCA § 8-27-702(2):

 (A) The entity was created by an act of the general assembly or by an ordinance or similar enactment of a local government;

(B) The entity performs governmental functions; and

(C) The entity is under governmental supervision by having government officials on its governing board, being subject to audit by the comptroller of the treasury, or subject to review by a committee of the general assembly.

An entity does not qualify as a quasi-governmental organization solely by entering into a service contract or grant with the state/local government or agency. All three requirements above must be satisfied in order to be eligible for participation in the local government plan.

What’s Available Just For Your Agency?

Click/Tap your agency type to learn more about our coverage for local government and local education employees – including the latest Eligibility and Enrollment Guide, Health Plan Comparison, Plan Document, Premiums for active and retired employees, dental/vision options and more.

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