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For Interested Local Agencies

Joining The State Group Insurance Program


You take care of your community. Let us take care of you.

Teachers, utility workers and first responders work tirelessly to make all our lives better. It’s one of the benefits we enjoy as Tennesseans. Whether it’s keeping the power on or shaping young minds across Tennessee, scores of cities, counties (also known as local government agencies – LGA) and public education systems (also known as local education agencies – LEA) count on the State Group Insurance Program for their health coverage.

We as Tennesseans benefit from your hard work. So, as you take care of your community, rest assured your benefits are taking care of you. Tennessee’s State Group Insurance Program offers reliable coverage with robust benefits, while still allowing multiple plan options to fit individual needs and budgets. If you’re interested in the State Group Insurance Program, click the button below.

7 Reasons to Join

As if you need any more reasons to join the State Group Insurance Program. But...just in case you do, here are an additional seven:

Health insurance carriers – BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and Cigna administer our network options. Both offer a large network of providers.

Health insurance options – Partners for Health offers four health plans for local education and local government members.

  • Premier PPO - Higher premiums― but lower out-of-pocket costs for your deductible, copays and coinsurance.
  • Standard PPO - Lower premiums than the Premier PPO― but you’ll pay more out-of-pocket for your deductible, copays and coinsurance.
  • Limited PPO - Lower premiums than the other PPOs―but you’ll pay more out-of-pocket for deductible, copays and coinsurance compared to the other PPOs.
  • Local CDHP/HSA - Lowest premiums―but you pay your deductible first before the plan pays anything for most services, and then you pay coinsurance, no copays.

Each health plan includes free preventive care – if you use an in-network provider.

Pharmacy Benefits – All our health plans include full prescription drug benefits.

Plus, members have access to free benefits for quitting smoking, lowering cholesterol and managing diabetes.

Telehealth – Members can talk to a doctor by phone, computer or tablet from anywhere, at any time through BCBST and Cigna’s sponsored programs.

And, the cost is less than a typical office visit.

Wellness programs – Local education and local government members (and spouses) have access to coaching support for disease management programs such as asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary artery disease (CAD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

All members can complete an online health assessment and then access online educational resources and digital coaching.

A Diabetes Prevention Program is offered to eligible adult plan members to help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Master’s level specialists are available around the clock to assist with stress, legal, financial, mediation and work/life services. EAP can help you find a network provider, a plumber who works nights, services for your elderly parents, theater tickets, all-night pharmacies and so much more.

Those eligible for EAP get five counseling visits, per problem, per year, per individual at no cost. EAP sessions are available in-person or through virtual visits, so members can get the care they need sooner and in the privacy of their homes.

The Tennessee Plan – For retired eligible employees, The Tennessee Plan covers some of the expenses that Medicare does not. This coverage can help fill those gaps not covered by Medicare.

More reasons?

Behavioral health benefits are available to members and dependents enrolled in medical insurance.

Plus, dental and vision coverage is also can also be made available if your agency chooses to opt in to these services.

Ready to join?

Our Member Voices

Still not convinced? Here's what our members have to say:

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Meet Our Outreach Team

To better serve you and all our members, we have a Local Outreach Team to:

  • Provide on-site help with your first-year enrollment in health insurance coverage.
  • Assist in training your staff for selecting the best benefits options available.
  • Be your point-of-contact and answer any questions you, or your employees, may have.

We are committed to excellent customer service both before and after you join the State Group Insurance Program. Whether you’re searching for affordable coverage – regardless of your risk profile, or more access to resources, we’re here to serve you. If you’d like to learn more, let us know and a member of our team will reach back out to you.