State Coordinated Community Response (CCR)

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The Tennessee State Coordinated Community Response (State CCR) formed in 2016 with support and funding from the Administration for Community Living (ACL). The initial goal of the State CCR remains the same: to improve the investigation, response and delivery of protective services to older and vulnerable adults by TN State Agencies.

The State CCR meets monthly and is comprised of approximately 20 different state agencies and 9 regional representatives. Within the State CCR, there are four teams that address concerns that require greater attention, support and resources. They are:

  1. Financial Exploitation and Fraud
  2. Joint Investigations
  3. Mental Health Services
  4. Safe and Affordable Housing

The State CCR Team understands that one agency, alone, cannot solve all the issues related to the abuse and neglect of older and vulnerable adults. Collaboration is essential to address the complexity of these cases and the State CCR team members acknowledges this. The State CCR team comes together to develop streamlined and responsive, not reactive, approaches to better meet the needs and protection of older and vulnerable adults across Tennessee.

Below is a list of State CCR Partner Agencies:

The following resources were developed by the State CCR:

For a brief video on the work of the State CCR click here.

To learn about the initial two years of the effort, please reference A Framework for Policies and Procedures for Tennessee Adult Protective Services to Protect Older & Vulnerable Adults

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