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Publications and Manuals

Adult Protective Services

APS Manual
APS Field Guide
Stopping abuse of the elderly and persons who have disabilities may start with you

Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)

Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Policy and Procedures Manual

14.01 SSBG Eligibility
        Adult Day Services Fees Schedule
        Determination of US Citizenship or Qualified Non-Citizen Status
        Included and Excluded Income Sources with Verifications
        SSBG Eligibility Procedures
        SSBG Service Goals


Child Care

Preface to Keeping Kids Safe/Personal Safety Curriculum
Kids Safe Personal Safety Curriculum
Parent’s Guide to Choosing Quality Care
Parent’s Handy Workbook for Choosing Quality Care

Child Support

Child Support Handbook - English
Child Support Handbook - Spanish


Families First (TANF)

Please note – Links to forms and collateral documents are for internal DHS use and are not publicly active.  You may contact the Families First (TANF) Program Staff ( for questions regarding Families First.

23.00  Families First Application Process
23.01  Families First Assistance Units
23.02  Families First Drug Testing
23.03  Impact of a Drug Felony Conviction on Receipt of Families First
23.04  Families First Technical Eligibility
23.05  Families First Resource Eligibility
23.06  Families First Income Eligibility
23.07  Families First Personal Responsibility Plans
23.08  Families First Immunizations and Health Checks
23.09  Families First School Attendance
23.10  Families First Child Support Cooperation
23.11  Families First Electronic Benefit Transaction Location Restrictions
23.20  Family Focused Solutions
23.21  Time Limits
23.22  Verification and Documentation
23.23  Families First Diversion Payments
23.24  Families First Work or Educational Activity
23.25  Families First Child Care
23.26  Families First Parental Involvement
23.27  Family Cap
23.28  Marriage During Receipt of Assistance
23.29  Families First Authorization and Case Management
23.30  MEU Referrals
23.31  Families First Overpayments and Underpayments
23.32 Families First Work Incentive payments


Welfare Policy Analysis (Center for Business and Economic Research @ UT)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP (formerly, food stamps)

TDHS is currently reviewing and revising its SNAP policies in order to simplify, streamline, and ensure the documents reflect our current best practice. While the initial policy review and revision is conducted, there may be some conflicts or incongruence between some portions of the policy manual and the new or revised policies. If you have questions related to SNAP policies please email

SNAP Policy Manual

24.00  Rights and Responsibilities of SNAP Applicants/Participants
24.01  SNAP General Administrative Procedures
24.02  SNAP Application Processing
24.03  SNAP Timeliness Standards

24.04 SNAP Household Composition

24.05 SNAP Authorized Representatives

24.06 SNAP Special Living Arrangements

24.07 SNAP Non-household Members and Excluded Household Members

24.09 SNAP Citizenship Requirement

24.10 SNAP Residency Requirements

24.11  SNAP Work Requirements
24.12  SNAP Resources
24.13  SNAP Treatment of Resources
24.15 SNAP Failure to Comply with Work Requirements
24.16 SNAP Voluntary Quit
24.18  SNAP Deductions from Income
24.27 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Students in Higher Education

Rehabilitation Services

Disability Records Release Information
Disability Etiquette: Engaging People With Disabilities (courtesy of Tennessee Disability Coalition)
Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation brochure
Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers: The Right People for the Right Jobs

Legal and Compliance

1.01 Civil Rights Complaints,
1.04 Limited English Proficiency Guidelines,
1.05 Reasonable Modifications,  

Program Integrity

Fraud, The LAW and YOU



TennCare Policy Manuals (TennCare website)