Vulnerable Adult Protective Investigation Team (VAPIT)

VAPIT is a multi-disciplinary team appointed by the District Attorney (DA), but must include representatives from law enforcement and Adult Protective Services (APS). The purpose of VAPIT is to coordinate investigations of suspected instances of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Per TCA 71-6-125, each VAPIT shall:

  • Meet regularly, as determined by the DA or designee, but must meet at least quarterly.
  • Conduct coordinated responses and investigations of instances of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults and typically reviews APS 1215 notification forms.
  • By December 1 of each year, each DA shall cause to be filed an annual report that summarizes the work of the VAPIT for the previous calendar year with the chairs of the judiciary committee of the senate and the criminal justice committee of the house of representatives. 

The VAPIT toolkit was created by the statewide Coordinated Community Response (CCR) to provide information, resources, and tools to support and streamline the efforts of VAPIT. A PDF version of the toolkit can be downloaded here.