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DHS Office of Inspector General


The Department of Human Services is committed to addressing poverty by partnering with those we serve through Two Generation strategy.  Key in this effort is program integrity.  The Department is continuously identifying opportunities that are feasible and permissible to strengthen this focus. Additionally, the DHS Office of Inspector General supports the Department’s mission by working to ensure fiscal stewardship of taxpayer dollars and proper use of resources so that the Department may continue to offer temporary economic assistance and services to improve the lives of Tennesseans.

WHAT IS FRAUD?            

Fraud is an illegal act in which an individual obtains something of value through willful misrepresentation.



Waste occurs when citizens do not receive reasonable value for money connected with any government funded activities due to an inappropriate act or omission by entities with control over or access to government resources. Abuse involves behavior that is deficient or improper when compared with behavior that is considered reasonable and necessary business practice given the facts and circumstances.