AEDC WMA and Woods Reservoir Refuge

Site Directions
From Nashville, take I-24 east (toward Chattanooga) and exit at the Arnold Air Force Base exit (#117).  Turn right onto Wattendorf Highway.

To get to the check station from the interstate, take Wattendorf Highway past the Air Force Main Gate and turn left onto Winchester Highway.

Go three miles and turn right onto Old Brick Church Road.  Go two miles and turn left at the check station sign. 

Travel 4.6 miles to a pull-off on the left. C ross road on foot and travel roadbed to swamp forest.

To reach Woods Dam, from I-24, go west towards AEDC, passing the main entrance and travel 3.2 miles, and turn left on Winchester and Morris Ferry Boat Dock.

Travel 3.8 miles and bear right and go 1.4 miles further to the lake.

Access via Hwy 127 - Lat: 35.39877°N Long: -86.09453°W

Woods Reservoir near UTSI - Lat: 35.39877°N Long: -86.02331°W

Hours: daylight hours 

Seasonality: During open hunting seasons.

Fees: none

Coffee/Franklin Counties
Part of the Arnold Air Force Base • 32,000 ACRES
Near Tullahoma, I-24 Exit 117

(931) 967-6101

All access is strictly controlled and all areas are subject to be closed by the military.

There are areas on AEDC that may contain unexploded ordinances (small ammunition, anti-personnel mines, mortars, and artillery rounds). There are also areas on AEDC where open holes (manholes, wells, and sinkholes) are present. Hunters are advised to use caution. If any unexploded ordinances or holes are found- DO NOT TOUCH and notify the AEDC Operations Center at (931) 454-7752.

The following are PROHIBITED on AEDC property:

• Handguns (regardless of carrying permit)

• Rifles (rim-fire and center-fire)

• Camping and fires outside of designated campgrounds

• Metal detectors or digging

• ATVs

• Horseback riding

Big game and small game hunters are required to sign in prior to hunting at one of three hunter sign-in stations. Sign-in stations are located at the western (next to Harton Blvd.) and eastern (on Dixie Rd) ends of Wattendorf Hwy. Hunters may also sign in at the Hunter’s Check Station on Old Brick Church Rd. Hunters should fill out a sign-in card and keep it on their person or visible on the windshield of their vehicle while hunting.

Small game hunting and dog training are closed during all deer quota hunts.

Raccoon/Opossum hunting is closed the night before a deer hunt.

Deer-Turkey-Archery Zones may be hunted on any deer-turkey hunt by drawn hunters using archery equipment only. These areas are closed to small game hunting.

Deer (Special Regulations) - All deer hunting dates are subject to coordination with military training.

Deer (archery) - Same as statewide seasons except closed one day prior to and during scheduled quota deer hunts. Statewide bag limits apply.

Deer (Young Sportsman-Shotgun-Muzzleloader) - Same as statewide season. No hunter quota, 2 deer, either sex only one may be antlered. Bonus deer.

Deer (Shotgun - Muzzleloader) - Two hunts: Nov. 10-12, 2023, Nov. 24-26, 2023. 900 quota. 2 deer of either sex only one may be antlered. Bonus deer.

Turkey (Spring and Fall) - Same as statewide season.

Small game and trapping are the same as statewide seasons except closed during deer quota hunts.

Unit 1 is closed to small game hunting and trapping.

Quail - Nov. 4, 2023 - Jan. 15, 2024

Dog training - Sept. 1, 2023 - Feb. 28, 2024

Unit 1 may only be hunted when the Red entrance gate off of Rifle Range Road is open and signage lists Unit 1 as open.

Unit 2 may only be hunted when the red gate off of Wattendorf HWY is open and the signage lists Unit 2 as open.

Waterfowl - Same as statewide season, except open on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of the late duck season. Hunting on Woods Reservoir is from registered blind sites only. During the early duck and goose seasons hunting is allowed outside of blind sites, except 150 yards from the bank starting at the pumping station going west to the Rowland's Creek causeway. Waterfowl hunting is allowed from registered blind sites during the scheduled deer hunts.


Dec. 1, 2023 - Jan. 31, 2024 : All forms of trespass are prohibited.  

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact is an agreement that recognizes the suspension of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses in member states. This means that illegal activities in one state can affect a person’s hunting or fishing privileges in all participating states. Any person whose license privileges or rights are suspended in a member state may also be suspended in Tennessee. If a person's hunting, fishing, or trapping rights are suspended in Tennessee, they may be suspended in member states as well. This cooperative interstate effort will enhance the Division of Wildlife’s ability to protect and manage our wildlife resources. See our website for more information.

Site Description: This area comprised 32,000 acres of Oak-hickory hardwood forests and open pine savannas with scattered scrub/shrub and grassland habitats.

Native warm-season grasses and wildflowers are common in open areas that are burned regularly. Forest burning and clearing of forests to provide early successional habitat has provided ample thickets and heavy cover for wildlife.

Woods Reservoir is a large open water reservoir with multiple viewing areas.

Wildlife to Watch:  Forest songbirds are common year-round.  Priority Neotropical forest migratory birds such as Kentucky WarblerWorm-eating WarblerHooded Warbler, and Wood Thrush are common in summer.

Grassland birds such as Northern BobwhiteHenslow's Sparrow, and Grasshopper Sparrow are found in summer.

Scrub birds such as Blue GrosbeakYellow-breasted Chat, and Dickcissel can be found nesting. Bachman's Sparrow, although rare, may be found with some luck.

Waterbirds can be common in winter, incl. Common LoonCanada GooseAmerican Black DuckGadwallNorthern ShovelerAmerican WigeonRuddy DuckHooded Merganser, and Red-breasted Merganser.

American Coots can be extremely abundant. Wild Turkey and deer are abundant across AEDC WMA.

AEDC WMA and Woods Reservoir Refuge is part of the TN SWAP, Eastern Highland Rim Prairie, and Barrens Conservation Opportunity Area (COA)

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Contact Information

Region 2 Office: 615-781-6622
Toll-Free: 1-800-624-7406
E-mail the office
Area Manager: Mark Winland (931) 967-6101

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Woods Reservoir Refuge

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