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Tag Before You Drag

All deer and turkey must be reported prior to moving the harvest on public or private land.

You can do that one of two ways:

1) The easy way-  with or without cell service;

With the TWRA On the Go App, harvest reporting has never been easier!   

Report your harvest with or without cell service before you move the game.   You will immediately receive a harvest confirmation number that TWRA Officers can use or verify your harvest.

2) Or use temporary transportation tags;

No mobile phone? No problem.   Use temporary transportation tags. 

Temporary transportation tags can be found on your license printout. Cut one out and attach it to your game prior to moving it.  The hunter is responsible for making sure the tag remains intact.  You are still required to check the game in online at or at a physical check station no later than midnight on the day of the harvest.   If you need additional tags or if you are exempt from license requirements (Ex: Landowners) and need a transportation tag, you can download them at

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