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Tennessee WildCasts are weekly podcasts brought to you in both video and audio formats.  

These podcasts provide information on the mission of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, outdoor events, and activities from hunting, fishing, boating, and just about anything outdoors. 

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WildCast NOW on CARBON TV!
WildCast NOW on CARBON TV!

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WildCast features host, Jason Harmon, TWRA Information Specialist, Don King, Multimedia Development Chief, and longtime “voice of the TWRA.”

They bring to the air a variety of guests covering a huge array of outdoor content from fishing and hunting, boating, wildlife watching, and wildlife management.   Other regular co-hosts include the regional TWRA Information Specialists, Amy Spencer, covering West Tennessee, Barry Cross in Middle Tennessee,  Mime Barnes,  from the Cumberland Plateau area, and Matt Cameron, with East Tennessee news and information. 

The show also provides periodic insight behind some of the wildlife management decisions made by our governing board, The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Recent guests include Ed Carter, the Executive Director of the TWRA, and members of the TFWC. 

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Mallory Tate, TWRA Wildlife Survey Manager/Biodiversity. and TWRA Senior Scientist Dan Hua with mussels.

Cumberland River Aquatic Center Featured on WildCast

A trip to the Cumberland River Aquatic Center (CRAC) in Gallatin features a couple of WildCast episodes this month. In one episode, the crew meets with TWRA Senior Scientist, Dan Hua, and Mussel Conservation Coordinator, Jason Wisniewski. They dive into the life of freshwater mussels, how they reproduce, their diversity, and why they are so important to ecosystems of streams and rivers.  

TWRA veteran David Sims talked to the crew about the Cumberland  River Aquatic Center. David, TWRA personnel, and many partners played a huge role in the transformation of this facility and what it has become today.

Region IV Streams and Rivers Biologist Sally Petre "brings the creek" to the crew in an episode.  Learn about some of the smaller fish of Tennessee that you may never see. Always have a fun conversation with Sally, her excitement for the biodiversity of our state is infectious.

Learn about the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program, aka TARP.  The crew meets Andrew Paducah, the first person to reach TARP Level V.  He will share some big fish stories from his adventures to reach this milestone. Sally also appears in the episode.

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