Join the Ranks of  Tennessee's Wildlife Law Enforcement Professionals

Are you passionate about safeguarding our state's natural treasures? Are you eager to make a meaningful impact while enjoying an exhilarating career outdoors? Look no further than becoming a Wildlife Officer with the TWRA! Our dedicated professional Law Enforcement officers are entrusted with preserving the delicate balance of our wildlife and enforcing boating and conservation laws.

Unleash Your Potential  

The TWRA invites you to take up the mantle through a journey of comprehensive training and a commitment to excellence, by becoming a commissioned law enforcement officer, ready to take on the challenges of preserving our natural resources and wildlife and protecting the public through enforcement of boating, hunting and captive wildlife safety laws. Visit our Wildlife Officer Hiring Process page to learn more about this rewarding career.   

The job of a Wildlife Officer in Tennessee is as varied as the habitats and regions of the great state of Tennessee that our officers work to protect. Wildlife Officers are the Swiss Army Knife of the Law Enforcement community, visit our Day in the Life of an Officer page to learn more about our work days. 


Take the First Step: Be the Shield for Wildlife

Are you ready to answer the call of duty to protect and serve our state's wildlife? Embark on a rewarding path as a Wildlife Law Enforcement Agent, where your educational background and passion for conservation merge seamlessly. As the guardian of our natural resources, you'll engage in a purpose-driven career backed by specialized training and unwavering support. Visit our Hiring Process page to learn what is required to make the leap.


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