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Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunting and Fishing Academy

This program provides hands-on instruction in the art of being an outdoorsman to beginner hunters and anglers of all ages, races, and genders.

Never hunted or fished before? No problem.

The Academy’s highly trained, lifelong sportsmen and women lead participants through engaging, immersive experiences on some of the best hunting and fishing grounds in the state.

Participants are guided through essential skills in the field and leave with all of the basic skills and knowledge needed to go out again on their own.

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HFA Virtual Classroom

Educational and Fun Stuff for Kids

Tennessee’s Hunter Education program works. Since 1975, when a formal hunter education program was introduced, the number of hunting and firearm-related accidents in Tennessee has declined dramatically. We know that Tennessee’s Hunter Education program has reduced hunting accidents and saved lives.

Tennessee Code Annotated 70-2-108 became law in 1985 and states:

(a) Every person born on or after January 1, 1969, before hunting, shall possess, in addition to all other licenses and permits required, proof of satisfactory completion of an agency-approved hunter education course.

Those under 10 years of age do not need a Hunter Education certificate but must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age, who must remain in a position to take immediate control of the hunting device. Many states require hunter education certification regardless of age. Parents that do not wish to become certified, typically find the class is both informative and enjoyable.

Find out more about Hunters Education Courses in Tennessee, online and traditional in-seat courses available.

Any Tennessee resident born after January 1, 1989, must show the TWRA-issued wallet Boating Safety Education Certificate as proof of successful completion of the TWRA Boating Safety exam.  

No other certificate will be accepted as meeting the requirements of the law.  The Tennessee mandatory boating education law is similar to the driver’s license law.  You acquire the study materials, study, and then take an approved boating safety exam administered by an approved representative of the TWRA

The certification is not required if there is an adult (18 years old or older) on board to take immediate control of the vessel.  However, this adult, if born after January 1, 1989, must have the boating education certification. 

Out of State Boaters

If you were born after January 1, 1989, TWRA will accept any NASBLA-approved boating safety certificate.

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