Forest Products Utilization and Marketing

The Utilization and Marketing program of the Forestry Division monitors changes in the forests, reports the output of forest products in the state, and extends the resource through better harvesting and processing methods.

Utilization and marketing activities include conducting wood-using industry surveys, compiling and reporting data on quantities and species of wood used by Tennessee industries, compiling the Directory of Tennessee’s Forest Industries approximately every four years, reporting timber products output, monitoring trends in timber harvesting, publishing the Tennessee Forest Products Bulletin which gives wood prices and strives to match wood users with supply, and offering technical assistance to mills and loggers to help producers increase operating efficiency, thereby extending Tennessee’s timber resource.

The Directory of Tennessee’s Forest Industries is published by the TDA Forestry Division in cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the USDA Forest Service. It is a directory of primary and secondary wood-using industries that are located within the state of Tennessee. It is designed to help bring together growers, buyers and sellers of Tennessee forest products.

The directory is made possible through the cooperation of Tennessee’s forest industries that willingly supply information concerning their operations. Every effort is made to be accurate and complete. It contains an alphabetical listing of wood-using industries and wood-using industries grouped by county, type, product, and Standard Industrial Codes (SIC).