Tennessee Health Link

The primary objective of Tennessee Health Link is to coordinate health care services for TennCare members with the highest behavioral health needs.

TennCare has worked closely with providers and TennCare’s three health plans to create a program to address the diverse needs of these members. A Health Link Technical Advisory Group of Tennessee clinicians and practice administrators was convened in 2015 to develop recommendations in several areas of program design including, quality measures, sources of value, and provider activity requirements. The design of Health Link was also influenced by federal Health Home requirements.

Through better coordinated behavioral and physical health services, the Health Link program is meant to produce improved member outcomes, greater provider accountability and flexibility when it comes to the delivery of appropriate care for each individual, and improved cost control for the state. Health Link providers are encouraged to ensure the best care setting for each member, offer expanded access to care, improve treatment adherence, and reduce hospital admissions. In addition, the program is built to encourage the integration of physical and behavioral health, as well as, mental health recovery, giving every member a chance to reach his or her full potential for living a rewarding and increasingly independent life in the community.

Health Link providers commit to providing comprehensive care management, care coordination, referrals to social supports, member and family support, transitional care, health promotion, and population health management. Participating providers receive training and technical assistance, quarterly reports with actionable data, and access to the care coordination tool. These providers are compensated with financial support in the form of activity payments and an opportunity for an annual outcome payment based on quality and efficiency performance.

The Health Link program began statewide on December 1, 2016.

Contact us at payment.reform@tn.gov for more information.

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