July 24, 2020 SBE Meeting

July 24, 2020


July 24, 2020

9:00 am


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I.             Consent Items (ROLL CALL VOTE ON
               ALL ITEMS)

               A.             Adoption of Agenda

               B.             Approval of Minutes from May 29, 2020 Meeting and
                                June 22, 2020 Conference Call Meeting.

               C.            2021 Board Meeting Dates   

Commissioner Penny Schwinn of the State Department of Education
will give a brief presentation on COVID-19 and School Re-Opening Plans.

 II.          Report Items (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

               A.             Graduation Requirement Substitutions
                                This report item lists all approved course substitutions for the fourth year math, Lab Science, and English III/IV graduation                                  requirement.  Several Career and Technical Education courses have been added this year after the Department’s
                                CTE and Standards and Materials teams reviewed all CTE courses to determine which ones had sufficiently rigorous                                            content to count toward one of the required courses (for example, had strong science content and therefore could count                                  toward the third lab science).  For informational purposes only; no action required.

 III.         Action Items (First Reading – ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

               A.             SBE Mission Statement Policy 1.000
                                First reading of policy to update the State Board Mission Statement to align with revisions to the five-year strategic goals                                    and Master Plan.

               B.             Educator Licensure Rules 0520-02-03-.09 and 0520-02-03-.12     
                                First reading of items to update rules regarding reporting of licensure actions for individuals teaching on permits as well                                    as other recent statutory changes.

               C.             Technical Revisions to Tennessee Social Studies Standards    
                                First reading of technical, non-substantive changes to the state social studies standards.

               D.             Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards      
                                First reading of item to revise course standards for several CTE career clusters.
                                     Attachment 1                              Attachment 12                                Attachment 23
                                     Attachment 2                              Attachment 13                                Attachment 24
                                     Attachment 3                              Attachment 14                                Attachment 25
                                     Attachment 4                              Attachment 15                                Attachment 26
                                     Attachment 5                              Attachment 16                                Attachment 27
                                     Attachment 6                              Attachment 17                                Attachment 28
                                     Attachment 7                              Attachment 18                                Attachment 29
                                     Attachment 8                              Attachment 19                                Attachment 30
                                     Attachment 9                              Attachment 20                                Attachment 31
                                     Attachment 10                            Attachment 21                                Attachment 32
                                     Attachment 11                            Attachment 22

               E.             Career & Technical Education (CTE) Rule 0520-01-07-.01                            
                                First reading of item to revise CTE rule to align requirements to Perkins V legislation and the Strengthening Career and                                        Technical Education in Tennessee Perkins State Plan.

               F.              Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy 5.105     
                                First reading of policy to propose pedagogical and content assessment requirements for a new Mathematics 6-10                                                endorsement.

               G.             Educator Licensure Policy 5.502                               
                                First reading of policy to add a new Mathematics 6-10 endorsement that would be effective January 1, 2021.

               H.             Literacy and Specialty Area Standards for Educator Preparation Policy 5.505     
                                First reading of policy to add a new endorsement in the area of Mathematics 6-10 and allow EPPs to recommend 
                                candidates for the Mathematics 6-10 endorsement under specific circumstances.

               I.               Charter Schools Rule 0520-14-01  
                                First reading of rule that clarifies the timeline of when a chartering authority must submit to a charter school sponsor 
                                its grounds for a denied or amended application and aligns language to the law regarding the amount of state BEP                                              funding for capital outlay to LEAs and charter schools.

IV.          Action Items (Final Reading – ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

               A.             Teacher & Administrator Evaluation Policy 5.201
                                Final reading of policy to add several approved charter school observation models to Appendix B of the policy.  There                                          have been changes since first reading.

               B.             Eligible Educator Preparation Providers Permanent Rule 0520-02-04-.03   
                                Final reading of rule to address eligibility requirements for LEAs or consortiums of LEAs seeking to become educator                                            preparation providers due to lack of state assessment data for 2019-20 because of the COVID-19 Public Health                                                      Emergency.  There have been no changes since first reading.

               C.             Charter School Quality Charter Authorizing Standards Policy 6.111    
                                Final reading of policy to update the authorizing standards with several technical revisions.  There have been no                                                    changes since first reading.

               D.            Strategic Compensation Policy 5.600            
                               Final reading of policy to update introductory language to the policy to better align with the rule.  There have been                                               changes since first reading.

               E.            Repeal Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) Rule 0520-01-10      
                              Final reading of item to repeal rules regarding TEIS because the responsibility for providing these services has been                                              moved  to the Department of Intellectual and Disabilities as per an executive order from the Governor.  There have been                                    no changes since first reading.

               F.            Physical Activity and Physical Education Policy 4.206          
                              Final reading of policy  to encourage LEAs to provide physical education to students twice per week.  There have been                                          changes since first reading.

               G.           2020-2025 SBE Strategic Goals and 2020-21 Master Plan       
                              First and final reading of item to update the State Board’s five-year strategic goals for the period of 2020-25 and to
                              approve the annual Master Plan for 2020-21alignment with the new goals.

               H.           Educator Preparation Providers and Specialty Area Program Approvals                               
                              First and final reading of action recommendations for Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) and Specialty Area Providers                                  (SAPs), including nine active EPPs and two prospective EPPs.
                                   Bethel University                                                          Motlow State Community College
                                   Bryan College                                                                South College
                                   Carson-Newman University                                      Tusculum University
                                   Freed-Hardeman University                                      University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                                   Johnson University                                                       Western Governors University
                                   Maryville College                                                 

               I.             Special Courses Policy 3.201           
                              First and final reading of a list of all special course applications received by the Department of Education for the 2020-21                                    school year, along with the recommended approval status.

               J.             Tennessee Eduator Preparation Policy 5.504       
                               First and final reading of policy that gives flexibility to EPPs in designing clinical practice experiences for the 2020-21
                               school year in the event of future disruptions to LEA or public charter school operations due to COVID-19.

               K.            Charter School Amendment Petition Application & Rubric                                         
                               First reading of the charter school amendment petition application, including the letter of intent and application with                                           scoring rubric.

               L.             COVID-19 Waivers      
                               First and final reading of waivers of state laws and State Board rules and policies requested by LEAs due to the COVID-19                                   Public Health Emergency.

               M.           COVID-19 Additional Local Education Agency (LEA) Requested Waivers         
                               First and final reading of waivers of state laws and State Board rules and policies requested by LEAs due to the COVID-19                                   Public Health Emergency. This item was updated on July 22, 2020 with additional waiver requests from several LEAs. 

V.           Charter School Appeals (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

               A.            Compass Community Schools - Midtown Amendment Appeal  
                               Final reading of appeal by Compass Community Schools - Midtown Charter School to the State Board of Education.

VI.         Teacher License Actions (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL ITEMS)

               A.            Richard Chiamulera – Voluntary Surrender

               B.            James Feurerbacher – Suspension, 2 years

               C.            Grace Hatcher – Suspension, 3 months      

               D.            Kelly Johnston – Suspension, 2 years

               E.            Terrica Leake – Formal Reprimand

                F.            Marcus Matthews – Formal Reprimand 

                G.           Bandon Sizemore – Voluntary Surrender

                H.           Jessica Tomberlin – Formal Reprimand

V.             Adjournment