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Employee Assistance Program

(state and higher education employees | local education and local government members enrolled in medical insurance | retirees | COBRA)

2021 #4Mind4Body Webinar Schedule

Click here for a flyer with more information on the webinars, including how to register.

  • Suicide Prevention -- Thursday, Sept. 16
  • Cold Weather Exercise & Stretching -- Wednesday, Nov. 17
Here4TN Support For Your Life

The Employee Assistance Program and behavioral health benefits are administered by Optum®. Visit the behavioral health webpage for more information on these benefits.

855.HERE4TN (855.437.3486)

First Call Provider Search

The Here4TN team will find you a provider based on your specific preferences, concerns and availability.

Visit for more benefits information and resources.

EAP eligibility

State and Higher Education: EAP services are available to all benefits-eligible employees and their eligible family members (dependents), even if they are not enrolled in medical insurance. 

State Only: With your manager's approval, you may use up to 10 hours of work time each year to see an EAP provider.

Local Education, Local Government, COBRA and Retirees: EAP services are available to those enrolled in medical insurance. Benefits-eligible dependents of enrolled employees are eligible even if they are not enrolled in medical insurance.


EAP services are offered at no cost to individuals eligible to participate. Master’s level specialists are available 24/7 at 855.437.3486 to assist with stress, legal, financial, mediation and work/life services. They can even help you find a network EAP short-term counseling provider, a plumber who works nights, services for your elderly parents, theater tickets, all-night pharmacies and so much more.

  • Short-term Counseling includes five visits per problem, per year, per individual at no cost to you. Available in person, by phone or by virtual visit. Members are ineligible for EAP counseling visits while they are currently receiving behavioral health services.
    • Preauthorization is required to use your EAP short-term counseling services. Simply call 855.437.3486 or go to to obtain preauthorization.
    • Virtual visits allow you to get the care you need in the privacy and comfort of your home. Call 855-Here4TN for assistance with an authorization and a referral to a licensed virtual visits provider.
  • Legal services include one 30-minute telephonic or in-person consultation per issue per year at no cost to you.
  • Mediation services with a professional mediator include one 30-minute telephonic or in-person consultation per issue per year at no cost to you.
  • Financial services with a money coach include two 30-minute calls per issue per year.
  • Work/Life services available to help you save time and reduce stress by pulling together information regarding many household, family, and healthcare services specifically for you upon request.

Optum also offers confidential and anonymous access to a wide variety of information and resources on their website at or by calling 855.437.3486.


An on-demand mobile app to help with stress, anxiety and depression. The premium app version is available through your benefits at no extra cost. Get more information, including how to register and download the app at

Take Charge at Work

A telephonic coaching program that helps members with depression improve performance at work.


  • All State and Higher Education benefit eligible employees, over the age of 18
  • All Local Education and Local Government, retirees and COBRA state health insurance plan members, over the age of 18
  • Dependents over the age of 18, eligible for EAP, and who are working either full/part time 

Working with a coach over the phone, learn to manage symptoms of depression and stress in the workplace so you can feel productive again. It’s available at no additional cost to you as part of your EAP. To learn more or find out if you qualify by taking the assessment, go to Click here for the program flyer.



Here4TN EAP can deliver onsite and web trainings to your employees. More than 50 trainings are available for groups of 15 or more. To access the training catalog and the online training request form, please go to the “Leaders” section on Here4TN.

Management Consultations

Licensed management consultants are available 24/7 to help leaders with workplace and employee challenges and opportunities. All licensed mental health professionals have a master’s degree and 3-4 years of EAP experience. They can provide coaching and support on a range of workplace issues such as job performance, substance use and inappropriate workplace behavior.

Critical Incident Response Services (CIRS)

An unexpected loss or trauma can affect your entire workplace. Optum has a specialized critical incident intake team available by phone 24/7. Specialists can usually be on-site to provide support within 24-72 hours of the event. The top reasons to provide this resource include grief counseling, reductions in force and medical emergencies/accidents.

Here4TN Toolkit - Educational resources for human resources, supervisors and managers

*This service is confidential in accordance with the law.