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Hazardous Waste Annual Reporting

Hazardous waste small and large quantity generators in Tennessee are required by regulation to file annual hazardous waste reports with the Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM).  Both small and Large Quantity Generators pay associated fees to DSWM and may owe a fee to the Division of Remediation. The annual report forms are online and will be emailed and/or mailed to the last address on file with TDEC for each facility each winter. 

Below are the presentations from the 2021 Hazardous Waste Annual Report Workshops. Specific topics include:

• How to determine your generator status

• Hazardous waste registration

• Hazardous waste stream reporting

• Hazardous waste offsite shipping

• Annual hazardous waste generator fee determination

• Hazardous waste notification fee calculation

• Source form, EPA form, and State codes

• Top ten hazardous waste generator violations

0:08 Introduction WAAS, HW Annual Report & Packet Overviews
3:20 WAAS Contacts Auditor contacts and field offices
4:20 HN-CS  Certification Form
8:45 HN-EA  Environmental Activity Notification Form 
15:52 HN-H  Site Registration Notification Form
22:28 HN-H(C) HW Contact Information Form
25:34 Q&A (1) Questions about previous slides
26:20 WSR Waste Stream Information Form
38:40 WSR – Item 3 & Example WSR item 3 a, b, c, & d explanation & example
51:50 WSR – Item 6 & Example WSR item 6 HW Reduction explanation & example
1:06:40 Q&A (2) Questions about previous slides
1:10:05 OSR & Example Offsite Shipping Report Form explanation & example
1:18:13 G-FDS HW Generation Fee Sheet
1:26:38 NF Notification Fees Form
1:28:14 RF-FDS Division of Remediation Fee Form
1:28:57 Small Business  Environmental Assistance Program information

0:37 Contacts
1:15 Generator Overviews
2:55 Annual Report Deficiencies (10)
4:03 Failure to Have a HW Reduction Plan (9)
5:25 Accumulation Area Date Violations (8)
6:22 Accumulation Area Labeling (7)
7:04 Open Container Violations (6)
8:18 Universal Waste Battery Labeling Violation (5)
9:19 Universal Waste Lamp Labeling Violation (4)
11:39 Universal Waste Lamp Open Container Violation (3)
12:56 Used Oil Labeling Violation (2)
14:21 Failure to Perform or Document Weekly Inspections of HW Accumulation Areas (1)

0:30 Contacts
1:46 Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA)
2:25 RCRA Subtitle C: Hazardous Waste Program
3:20 Why are You Being Inspected? / Generators & TSDFs
5:53 Modified Inspection Protocol
7:50 Site Walkthrough Process & Tips
10:13 Examples
15:34 Records Review & Tips
19:30 Inspection Results & Enforcement Process

1:48 Contacts
3:10 25% Waste Reduction Goal
6:11 ICI Report
7:16 Disposal & Generation
8:54 Public Recycling Programs & Trends
11:15 Why Measurement Matters
14:05 HW Regulation
16:44 Sustainability Efforts
20:10 How to Report Your Efforts
22:23 Why It Matters

RY2020 Workbook 

Hazardous Waste Annual Report Reference Guide

  • This is a reference guide for you to save for easy navigation of the Hazardous Waste section on the TDEC website for information pertaining to the Annual Report.

RY2020 Workshop Q&A

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