Transportation of Hazardous Waste

Whenever hazardous waste is moved from the facility where it was generated, there are specific requirements that must be followed by the generator, the transporter, and the receiving facility. 

Transfer Facility Logs For Hazardous Waste

Transfer facilities must log all hazardous waste shipments entering and leaving their facility.

Notification for Used Oil Management

Transporters, Transfer Facilities, Processors, Re-Refiners, Marketers, and Burners of Off-Specification Used Oil Fuel must notify the state of their activities.

Tennessee Manifest Requirements

Hazardous waste transported in Tennessee must be tracked using the federal hazardous waste manifest system.

Registered Used Oil Transporters

A current, alphabetic listing of facilities registered to transport or transfer used oil in Tennessee..

Active Hazardous Waste Transporters

A current, alphabetic listing of active hazardous waste transporters working in Tennessee.

Hazardous Waste Forms

Required forms for Hazardous Waste Generators, Transporters, Treatment-Storage-Disposal (TSD) Facilities, and Transfer Facilities, Used Oil Transporters, Transfer Facilities, and Processors / Re-Refiners, and Universal Waste Destination Facilities.

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