Step 6:

Hazardous Waste Determination Documentation

You have indicated that your waste is a Hazardous Waste.

Document the basis of your hazardous waste determination including any test results, material data sheets, process information, and any other supporting documentation. Include all waste codes.

See Documentation Requirements:

0400-12-01-.03(1)(b)6. Recordkeeping for small and large quantity generators. A small or large quantity generator must maintain records supporting its hazardous waste determinations, including records that identify whether a solid waste is a hazardous waste, as defined by subparagraph (1)(c) of Rule 0400-12-01-.02. Records must be maintained for at least three years from the date that the waste was last sent to on-site or off-site treatment, storage, or disposal. These records must comprise the generator's knowledge of the waste and support the generator's determination, as described in parts 3 and 4 of this subparagraph. The records must include, but are not limited to, the following types of information: the results of any tests, sampling, waste analyses, or other determinations made in accordance with this subparagraph; records documenting the tests, sampling, and analytical methods used to demonstrate the validity and relevance of such tests; records consulted in order to determine the process by which the waste was generated, the composition of the waste, and the properties of the waste; and records which explain the knowledge basis for the generator's determination, as described at subpart (4)(i) of this subparagraph. The periods of record retention referred to in this part are extended automatically during the course of any unresolved enforcement action regarding the regulated activity or as requested by the Commissioner.

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