Hazardous Waste Inspector Training (HWIT)

HWIT Program

In response to requests for more information and training due to recently implemented hazardous waste regulations, the Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) is offering two workshop options, RCRA 101 based on Tennessee State Regulations.

RCRA 101 8-hour workshop for hazardous waste generators covers the broad range spectrum of hazardous waste management and is invaluable for facility personnel responsible for hazardous waste compliance in any generator category. The cost is $199.00 per person. 

Topics discussed in this workshop include:

  • Waste Determination
  • Generator Category Determination and Reporting
  • Storage (containers and tanks)
  • Satellite Accumulation Areas
  • Central Accumulation Areas (90/180-day storage)
  • RCRA Organic Air Emission Requirements             (Subparts AA/BB/CC)
  • Pharmaceuticals Waste Management
  • Episodic Generation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • Personnel Training for LQGs
  • Waste Consolidation and mixing
  • Land Disposal Restrictions (Land Ban)
  • Universal Waste
  • Used Oil
  • Expectations for Compliance Evaluation             Inspection
  • Additional Related Topics

Workshop Dates and Locations

  • September 24, 2024, Knoxville Environmental Field Office  
  • November 13, 2024, Harrison Bay  

Onsite training can be scheduled by contacting Rebekah Poston at Rebekah.Earl@tn.gov if a facility can meet all the following requirements:

  1. Provide adequate space for training;
  2. Has a minimum of five (5) attendees;
  3. Or a facility pays the minimum workshop fee ($995.00, the cost of five (5) attendees).  

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