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Meth Contamination

The abuse and manufacture of illegal methamphetamine continues to be a statewide epidemic in Tennessee. Law enforcement agencies across the state have encountered thousands of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories (CML) from 1998 to present. CMLs are found on all types of properties ranging from single-family homes, rental properties, hotel and motel rooms, automobiles and other vehicles. No matter where these laboratories are created or used, they all leave behind hazardous residue, which poses a threat to human health. In many cases, this methamphetamine residue renders a property 'Unsafe for Human Use' and can be found on hard surfaces, like walls, furniture, appliances and ceiling fans, and soft surfaces, such as carpets, drapes, bedding, clothing, and toys.

Since numerous properties have been affected, Tennessee Code Annotated 68-212 Part 5 allows the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) to develop rules to determine when a property is 'Safe for Human Use' again. 

Meth Contacts
Chris Andel 865-594-5444
Justin Fisher 865-594-5466