Middle TN Success Stories

5400 Centennial Boulevard (Nashville, TN)

The transformation of a 33-acre property in west Nashville that formerly was home to a phosphate plant and hardwood manufacturer has been turned into a mixed-use development where public art is at the forefront. Download more information about 5400 Centennial

The Silos (Nashville, TN)

Re-using existing silos that historically stored grain is a critical component to a brownfields redevelopment in west Nashville. This land, along the Cumberland River, sat vacant for over a decade before being purchased in 2015. Download more information about The Silos

Former Due West Municipal Dump (Nashville, TN)

The Due West Landfill site is a 37-acre parcel located in commercial and residential areas of Nashville, Tennessee near Skyline Medical Center. After serving as a landfill for years, the site was closed in 1973 and then monitored for the release of methane, iron, and manganese. With the help of The Tennessee Department of Conservation’s Division of Remediation, the Due West Landfill site will become Nashville’s first community solar park. Download more information about the Former Due West Dump

The Gulch (Nashville, TN)

The Gulch is currently an urban mixed-use neighborhood in downtown Nashville encompassing over 60 acres. The Gulch got its name from its roots as a bustling railroad yard dating to before the Civil War, which included a roundhouse, a coal yard and a paint shop in subsequent years. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Remediation staff worked with several key properties and subsequent property owners to complete Voluntary Brownfields Agreements, assessing and cleaning up any contamination, preparing these properties for revitalization. Download more information about the Gulch

Rolling Mill Hill (Nashville, TN)

Rolling Mill Hill was the home to Nashville General Hospital from 1890 to the 1990s. In the 1990s, when the hospital moved to another location, those buildings became vacant. In 2004, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) was the recipient of an EPA 104(k) Brownfields Assessment grant, a Cleanup grant, and a Revolving Loan Fund grant to address environmental issues from previous property uses. The MDHA entered into Brownfields Voluntary Agreements, containing risk-driven land use restrictions, with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Remediation, and now, this property is back to productive re-use. Download more information about Rolling Mill Hill

Former Thermal Plant (Nashville, TN)

A former waste-to-energy plant along the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, Tennessee functioned to produce steam heat, cooling and heating downtown buildings until a new facility was built at another location.  The former Thermal Plant was then torn down and sat vacant for years. The redevelopment of this former brownfield has supported Metro Nashville's goal to create the 6,800-seat Ascend Amphitheater and the 11-acre West Riverfront Park.  The Division of Remediation worked closely with EPA and Metro Nashville to address environmental impacts for it's redevelopment. Download more information about the Former Thermal Plant

Cumberland Play Park (Nashville, TN)

Along the east bank of the Cumberland River, the Nashville Bridge Company was originally founded as a bridge builder in the 1890s. After multiple uses over the years, the facility closed in 1996 when it was determined a new stadium for the Tennessee Titans would be built on a portion of the property. However, the closure left the riverfront portion of the property sitting vacant.  Environmental assessments were done on the property utilizing EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessments and the Division of Remediation 128(a) funds as a part of the process to turn this vacant property into the Cumberland Play Park. Download more information about Cumberland Play Park

State Parking Garage (Nashville, TN)

A property in downtown Nashville with quite the illustrious history that included being the home to an egg breaking plant, beer warehouse, foundry and many other previous uses has now been converted into a much-needed parking garage adjacent to the First Tennessee Park, where the Nashville Sounds play baseball. Download more information on the State Parking Garage

Nissan USA Redevelopment Project (Smyrna, TN)

A former vacant and contaminated property near Smyrna, Tennessee has now been transformed into the Nissan Smyrna automotive plant, creating new jobs for the region. A joint effort from the Division of Remediation and the Division of Water Resources resulted in addressing existing contamination to allow for the construction of a new automotive facility. Download more information on the Nissan USA Redevelopment