Defense Depot- Memphis, TN

Defense Depot Memphis, TN (DDMT) originated as a military facility in the early 1940s where it received, warehoused, and distributed supplies common to all United States (US) military services and some civil agencies located primarily in the southeastern US, Puerto Rico, and Panama.

In 1992, DDMT was added to the National Priorities List (NPL) (57 Federal Register 47180 No. 199). In 1995, DDMT was placed on the list of the Department of Defense facilities to be closed under BRAC; military storage and distribution activities ceased in September 1997.

The DDMT Site is approximately 634 acres and includes the Main Installation (MI) and Dunn Field. The MI contains approximately 567 acres and had open storage areas, warehouses, military family housing, and outdoor recreational areas. Dunn Field is located northwest of the MI and is approximately 67 acres, some of which served as mineral storage and waste disposal areas.

The selected remedies required by the Records of Decision for both the MI and Dunn Field have been implemented and are in operation. Source removal actions for Dunn Field are complete, with only groundwater treatment for both portions of the Site remaining. Other Site activities include long-term groundwater monitoring and additional investigations that may result in changes to the selected remedies. Remedial action activities will continue until the cleanup objectives are met, which are estimated to be complete by 2030 in the latest Site Management Plan (2022).

The United States Army maintains the Defense Depot Memphis Information Repository and is available to the public. You can access the information repository here: Defense Depot Memphis Information Repository