Cleanup of Contaminated Drycleaner Sites

DCERP conducts cleanup of properties contaminated by drycleaning operations per Rule 0400-15-03. Properties contaminated by drycleaning solvents are expensive and time consuming to clean up. It can easily cost over $500,000 to properly clean up drycleaner solvent contamination. Clean up of a contaminated drycleaner can take years. DCERP exists to help cover the costs for cleanup of drycleaner properties.

Any property that once had an active drycleaner or solvent supplier may apply to the Environmental Response Activities section of DCERP. As long as the property remains in the Environmental Response Activities section, we will oversee and pay the majority of the costs to clean up. Applicants will be required to pay an annual registration fee of up to $2,500 per year as well as a deductible. The deductible is 10% of each reimbursement with a cumulative maximum of $50,000.

When you apply for cleanup, you must select a Drycleaner Approved Contractor (also known as a DCAC). The DCAC is registered with the program and has been approved to work on DCERP sites. A Drycleaner Approved Contractor List is released every year that provides names and contact information of all approved contractors. Once you have picked one, notify them that you would like to use their services.

After we receive your completed application (CN-1124), Environmental Response Activities may begin. All work is preauthorized by DCERP.  Any work that is not pre-approved by DCERP is not eligible to be covered by the fund. After each activity is completed, the DCAC will submit a DCERP Reimbursement Application (CN-1125) to DCERP on your behalf. DCERP will review the reimbursement and will issue a check to you and the DCAC for the amount of approved costs minus your 10% deductible. If you have already met your $50,000 deductible, DCERP will pay 100% of the approved costs.

It can take years to investigate and cleanup a property. When the property has been investigated and cleaned up, DCERP will issue a Response Complete Summary. This document will include a summary of all work that was completed at the property. You have completed the Environmental Response Activities when you receive this document. A copy of the Response Complete Summary will also be kept in the DCERP file for future reference if needed.

For more information:
To request drycleaner files, please use our Information Request Form
DCERP Environmental Response Sites List
For information on the DCERP program, contact Emily Greenwood at 615-917-7641

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