How can I get involved in the ORR cleanup?

The TDEC Division of Remediation’s Oak Ridge office (DoR-OR) monitors the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) to determine if the Department of Energy’s activities are protective of human health and the environment.  In addition, DoR-OR staff oversee DOE’s cleanup of contamination resulting from decades of nuclear weapons production and other site missions.

DoR-OR maintains an email list of  citizens wishing to be notified about public participation opportunities associated with the ORR, such as public meetings and documents available for public review and comment. If you would like  to be included in that email list, please call (865) 481-0995. 

Another way to stay informed is through local citizen groups that directly interact with DOE.  The following organizations provide ways to learn more about DOE environmental protection and restoration activities on the ORR. Some offer ways to provide input into DOE’s planning process.

The IGC is a committee of the Anderson County Commission that includes a focus on environmental issues. 

The EQAB serves as an advisory body to the Oak Ridge City Council. City residents and Oak Ridge High School students may apply for appointment to the Board. When requested by Council, the EQAB gives advice and assistance regarding environmental quality. The Board may also be requested to advise the City Manager and the Oak Ridge Municipal Planning Commission on specific environmental matters.

The ORRCA is funded through a federal grant.  It has an active role to represent the interests of local communities related to environmental management of both current and legacy clean-up operations on the ORR.  The alliance includes elected officials and staff from Anderson County, Knox County, Morgan County, Roane County, and the City of Oak Ridge. Its mission includes community outreach.

The ORSSAB is a federally appointed citizens’ panel that provides independent advice and recommendations to DOE’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM).

The Environmental Review Board was established by the Roane County Commission serve as an advisory group to study matters referred by the County Executive and the County Commission. ERB meetings are open to the public, and comments from non-members are allowed.