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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Fitness Center Discounts

Click here for a list of participating fitness centers and costs.

The ParTNers for Health Wellness Program shares discounts provided by fitness centers across the state to provide members an affordable way to improve their health.

The fitness center discount program is open to all licensed centers (for-profit) and all non-profit centers in the state. Centers that choose to participate in the program set their own discounts, including either a reduced monthly membership fee and/or a reduced initiation fee. Those fees are provided in a link below as a percentage off the monthly cost or initiation fee or a flat dollar discounted cost. The state does not guarantee a set number of participants to the centers nor does it contribute toward your cost(s) to participate with a fitness center.

To access, contact a participating fitness center and ask for the discounted rate. You may be asked to show proof of employment and/or your insurance card as proof of eligibility. Different fitness centers have different eligibility criteria.

Note: This website is updated on an annual basis and as fitness centers asked to be added or removed. We strive to keep the information as current as possible, but please contact the facility directly to confirm the available discount.

If your fitness center is not listed, you may encourage the club manage/owner to contact the ParTNers for Health Wellness Program to join the discount program. To add your fitness center to the list of participating centers, email and request the discount form. If you are a member and have a question about fitness center discounts, email

Consumer protection

The Tennessee Consumer Protection Act §47-18-318 requires for-profit health clubs that do not meet certain exceptions to post a bond of  $25,000 or provide proof of financial responsibility as enforced by the Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance for each location conducting business in the state. Pursuant to the enforcement mechanisms of the Consumer Protection Act, the attorney general has the right to request that the entire bond be awarded to the state for consumer restitution. Any person who enters into a health club agreement that is not fulfilled by the operator may make a claim against the bond   Tennessee’s consumer protection laws contain certain requirements for health club operations.  To report a health club operator’s failure to fulfill a health club agreement, contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at 800.342.8385 or email