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Liquor by the Drink - Special Occasion

A special occasion license allows you to sell alcoholic beverages, wine or high gravity beer for consumption on the premises at a special occasion event located within the boundaries of a political subdivision wherein the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption has been approved by referendum. A special occasion license may also be issued for an event within the unincorporated portion of a county if at least one (1) municipality in such county has approved the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail by referendum, or the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption by referendum. A special occasion licensee may receive donated alcohol or purchase alcohol at retail but may not purchase alcohol at wholesale.

A special occasion license is valid for one twenty-four (24) hour period. You can apply for this license using RLPS.



  • Applicant must be a bona fide charitable, nonprofit or political organization. The nonprofit licensee must receive all proceeds from the sale of alcohol at the event. The special occasion license is not available for an event in which only a portion of proceeds go the license-holding non-profit. Other such events may require a festival or other TABC license.


  • A special occasion license is available to a bona fide charitable or non-profit organization, or a bona fide political organization.
  • Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Applications submitted less than two (2) calendar weeks prior to the event  may be rejected as untimely filed. 
  • All proceeds generated from the sale of alcoholic beverages pursuant to the special occasion permit must be deposited into the special occasion permittee's monetary account(s).
  • No charitable organization shall be eligible to receive more than twelve (12) special occasion licenses in a calendar year.
  • If a special occasion licensee is purchasing alcohol for the event, it must be purchased from a retail package store.
  • Any entity holding a special occasion license, its employees, or members of the licensee may transport wine and other alcoholic beverages to the location for which the special occasion license is issued. 
  • Special occasion licensees shall be responsible for complying with all state statutes, rules and regulations related to the sale of alcoholic beverages such as the prohibition of sale to minors and visibly intoxicated persons.
  • Special occasion permitees may sell sealed containers of alcoholic beverages such as wine bottles for off-premises consumption.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold or consumed between 3:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. on weekdays and 3:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. on Sundays, unless the county has made an exception, in which case, alcohol cannot be served between 3:00 A.M. and  12:00 noon on Sundays.
  • Special occasion licensees may not ship or deliver alcoholic beverages to patrons at any location other than the designated premises of the special occasion license.