Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement section of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission under the direction of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer consists of thirty-eight special agents assigned throughout the state with primary responsibility of enforcing the state's liquor laws. 

Enforcement of the state's liquor laws is the main responsibility of the law enforcement section. Special Agents conduct a wide variety of enforcement activities in the enforcement of the state's liquor laws and Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Rules and Regulations to include pre-license investigations and inspections, audits of financial records, and investigations of criminal activities occurring on any state licensed premise.

The TABC's agents focus a great deal of their efforts on preventing underage sales of alcoholic beverages to minors. Minor compliance checks of licensed establishments are conducted on regular basis to prevent underage sales of alcoholic beverages. Minor compliance checks are an integral part of protecting our youth against underage drinking by ensuring that licensed establishments comply with the state laws against sales of alcohol to minors.

Criminal investigations encompass a wide variety of duties to include investigations of illegal sales of alcohol by non-licensed establishments, illegal transportation of non-taxed alcoholic beverages in or through the state, and the illegal manufacturing of alcohol (moonshine).

If you have any complaint or information on any activity involving alcoholic beverages, please contact our Nashville Office at the number provided below, or fill out our online Complaint Form

If you have a complaint against a licensee, you are encouraged to complete the downloadable complaint form on our forms page. The form does not require you to give information about yourself. You may remain anonymous. However, if you do elect to provide your contact information on the form, in the event we may contact you for more details, your information will remain confidential. We encourage and need your help to assist with monitoring and reporting of establishments. If you desire, we will notify you of the results related to an investigation.