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ABC COVID-19 Updates

Public Information and Forms

Information Related to the Coronavirus

Consumer Delivery Options                        Updated December 29, 2020   Acceptable Forms of Identification Updated December 8, 2020 
Coronavirus FAQ - Retail Package Stores  Updated December 29, 2020   Coronavirus FAQ - Expanded off-premises sales for restaurants and bars  December 29, 2020
Coronavirus FAQ - Distilleries              Updated May 12, 2020   Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Beer and Executive Order 17  Updated March 25, 2020
Operational Changes due to the Coronavirus Updated August 27, 2020   Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurant and Bar Owners Related to Executive Order 73 Updated December 29, 2020
Coronavirus FAQ - LBD Expansion of Premesis Updated December 29, 2020    

Anticipated Rule Amendments



Pending Rules

Amendment to 0100-11-.01