Liquor-By-the Drink - License

A festival license allows a for-profit business or their third-party contractor to sell alcoholic beverages, wine or high gravity beer for consumption on the premises of a festival event for a period of up to seven days. A festival licensee may purchase alcohol at wholesale but may not receive donated alcohol or purchase alcohol from other retailers. (Note, a special occasion licensee may receive donated alcohol or purchase alcohol at retail but may not purchase alcohol at wholesale.) You may apply for a festival license by completing the application found here.



  •  The license applicant must be the for-profit business organizing the festival or a third-party with whom such for-profit business engages to conduct alcoholic beverage or beer sales during such festival.
  • There is a $300 application fee and $1,000 per day license fee.
  • The premises on which alcoholic beverages or beer will be served, sold, dispensed, or consumed must be sufficiently designated, enclosed, secured, and maintained.
  • Adequate security for the festival must be provided.
  • The number and location of each point of sale in which alcoholic beverages or beer will be served, sold, dispensed, or consumed must be specified. If the operator of any such point of sale, including any person or entity that receives any portion of the proceeds of the sale of alcoholic beverages or beer from that point of sale, is different from the festival operator, the name and relevant information of such other operator must be specified on the application to the commission, and the commission may determine that such other operator is required to obtain an additional festival operator license.
  • The staff selling, serving, or dispensing alcoholic beverages or beer must be adequately trained and supervised in the service of alcoholic beverages and beer and on the applicable laws regarding such service. All servers must have on their person either a valid TABC server permit card or proof of completion of a TABC approved training course. Information regarding approved courses may be found here.
  • The city or county in which, or the state governmental entity responsible for the property on which, the festival is to be held must approve the festival.
  • If the applicant intends to sell, serve, or dispense beer, the applicant must have a beer permit issued in accordance with T.C.A. 57-5.
  • All applicable taxes, including the tax levied on the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises under § 57–4–301, must be remitted as required by law.
  • Alcoholic beverages and beer may be sold, given away, dispensed, or consumed only within hours sufficient to ensure adequate public health, safety, and welfare as determined by the commission or local beer board, as applicable.