A wholesaler license allows you to sell liquor, wine and high gravity beer to a licensed on-premise or off-premise retailer.

A wholesale license expires on December 31st following the date of issue of the license. You can apply for this license using RLPS.


  • Employees of a wholesaler must be at least eighteen (18) years old and must have a wholesale employee permit card to work in the facility.
  • Salesmen or representatives of a wholesaler must have a wholesale representative permit before they can solicit orders on behalf of the wholesaler.


  • No wholesale license will be issued until the applicant has acquired a federal basic wholesaler permit.
  • Pursuant to the Fresh Start Act, no person having an interest in a Wholesaler license may have been convicted of a crime which directly relates to the business of alcoholic beverage sales.
  • No owner can have any interest, either direct or indirect, in any other wholesaler, manufacturer, winery, or on- or off-premise retailer.