Liquor-by-the-Drink - Restaurant License

A restaurant liquor-by-the-drink license allows you to sell liquor, wine and high-gravity beer at a restaurant located in a city or county which has authorized the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on-premise. A restaurant license is valid for one year from the date of issue and the cost is based on the number of seats.

You can apply for this license using RLPS.


  • A public place kept, used, maintained and held out to the public as a place where meals are served and where meals are actually and regularly served
  • Sleeping accommodations are not provided
  • Supplied with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment
  • Seating capacity of at least forty (40) at tables
  • Employing a sufficient number and kind of employees to prepare, cook and serve suitable food
  • Open at least three (3) days a week with the exception of holidays, vacations or periods of redecorating
  • More than fifty percent (50%) of the gross revenue of the restaurant is generated from serving meals


  • Pursuant to the Fresh Start Act, no person having an interest in an LBD license may have been convicted of a crime which directly relates to the business of alcoholic beverage sales.
  • No entity holding a liquor-by-the-drink license shall employ any person to serve beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages that does not possess a server permit from the commission. That permit must be on the person of such employee, or on the premises of the licensed establishment subject to inspection by the commission or its duly authorized agent.