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Notice to Customers

Update May 30, 2023: During this transition (outlined below), some business invoices issued by the Consumer and Industry Services Division have been temporarily delayed.

Invoices for all programs except for Pesticides will be sent by June 9 to the email we have on file for the business.

Invoices for the Pesticides program will be sent through the postal mail.

In all instances, business owners have until July 31 to pay any balances owed.


The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is making it easier for customers to interact with the Division of Consumer and Industry Services.

Invoices, licenses, and permits have a new look in 2023. Streamlining the documents makes them simpler to interpret and understand.

A new, secure online portal is easing access to invoice, license, and permit information. Business owners can see the status of a license or registration, when payment is due, and the balance owed. Additionally, payments can be made online with a credit card or eCheck, eliminating the need to send payments through the mail. 

The following programs transitioned to the new Trace First portal April 5:    

·       Apiary

·       Dairy

·       Food Safety - Manufacturing

·       Food Safety - Retail

·       Metrology

·       Produce

·       Tobacco

As always, we appreciate your partnership in serving the citizens of Tennessee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Consumer and Industry Services Division at (615) 837-5150.

Notice to Metrology Laboratory Customers

The laboratory staff members continue to work on our goals to expand the scope of our accreditation to better serve our customers. This website will be updated as our scope of services expands, with any additional information needed for the customer to properly submit their artifacts.

At this time, the laboratory is currently accepting:

Volume Calibrations
• 5 gallon test measures and provers
• 100 gallon to 1000 gallon provers

Mass Calibrations
• Echelon III (Including NIST Class F)
    0.001 lb to 1000 lb avoirdupois weights
    1 mg to 25 kg metric weights

Coming soon:

Mass Calibrations
• Echelon II
• Echelon I
• Weight Carts

To schedule a calibration please contact the Johnson Metrology Laboratory at (615) 837-5159. Calibrations will be scheduled first-come, first-served. Because staff is continuing to work on the scope expansion, turnaround times on submitted artifacts may be longer than usual, but rest assured we will strive to meet customer expectations.


As part of the Consumer and Industry Services Division, the Johnson Metrology Laboratory (JML) maintains and houses the primary standards of mass, volume and length for the State of Tennessee. These standards were issued to the state in 1968 by the United States Congress through the Department of Commerce. Each state received a duplicate set of standards in mass, volume, and length to help promote uniformity of weights and measures.

The standards used in the JML are directly traceable to the national standards maintained at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. These standards provide an unbroken chain of traceability to NIST for commerce and industry in the State of Tennessee.

Training for the Metrologists of JML is provided at NIST by the Office of Weights and Measures.  Classes offered by NIST include; a two-week basic course, a one-week intermediate course, and a two-part advanced course. NIST also offers training at Regional Measurement Assurance Programs held annually.  See the NIST Web page for more information on these courses.

JML is the sole source for legal metrology in the State of Tennessee. This laboratory provides a calibration service to all licensed service persons, and industry in the State of Tennessee.

Service Policies: Calibration services are offered on an appointment basis only. This policy limits the time the customer is without their standards and prevents lengthy turnaround. For pricing information, please contact the laboratory. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges and shipping arrangements to and from the laboratory. The laboratory will contact the customer when calibration is complete.

Laboratory Accreditation Information: The Johnson Metrology Laboratory is recognized through the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology. The JML periodically has its standards recalibrated through standards traceable to NIST. View recognition certificate here.

Submitting Artifacts

Guidelines for Submission

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