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AEF Metrics

Each project’s success will be determined by one or more metric that is appropriate for that particular project. Applicants should choose appropriate metric(s) and answer the questions for chosen metrics in their application.  Applicants are not limited to the metrics listed below and may propose new metrics that will best measure impact of their project.

The Department of Agriculture may work with applicants to change metrics as part of the project approval. Successful applicants must agree to submit project updates to assist in collecting data for tracking success.

  • Increase in Farm Income
    • How does the average commodity price compare to the price that the company can offer Tennessee farmers?
    • How does the project facilitate farmers adding value and direct marketing to consumers? How many farmers?
    • How many farmers will the project impact?
    • How does the project diversify a farm(s) or add an additional revenue stream(s)?
  • Increased Access to Markets
    • How does the project increase access to a market?
    • How many farmers will the project serve?
    • What impact will increased access have on local farmers?
  • Increased Capacity
    • How does the project increase the capacity of a local business  in terms of additional employees, additional output, etc.?
  • Agricultural Innovation
    • How does the project facilitate the adoption of technology by farmers and what is the impact on the agriculture industry?
    • How many farmers will the project impact?
    • How will this innovation spur economic development?
    • Does the innovation increase profitability for farmers by creating efficiencies or reducing cost?