AEF Application Scoring

Applications will be reviewed by both Department of Agriculture and Department of Economic and Community Development staff using the following criteria:

Criteria Description Points
Project Location The project is in an at-risk or distressed county, or is in a county that adjoins an at-risk or distressed county. 25
Effect on the Local Economy The project impacts the local economy through one or more of the four categories; this includes the ability to measure the impact. 25
Impact on Tennessee Agriculture or Forestry Industry This project impacts Tennessee agriculture or forestry because it serves a large number of farmers or forest landowners, creates a market; impacts production through technology, or purchases Tennessee commodities or forest products from Tennessee farmers and forest landowners. 25
Applicant's Readiness to Complete Project The applicant is adequately prepared to move forward with the project within 18 months of being awarded funds. Applicant has secured funding, location, has a business plan, etc. 25