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Learning & Development Division


The Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Learning & Development Division was established in 2014 to offer consistent training to department employees as well as County Service Officer partners.  The primary function of the Division is to ensure department field offices and County Service Officers offer updated and high-quality claims assistance consistently across the state.


Tennessee Code Annotated 58-3-111 (d) states "All veterans' service officers shall successfully complete training and be issued accreditation by the Department of Veterans Affairs within one (1) year from the date of appointment.  Any veterans' service officer who does not complete the required training and receive accreditation within one (1) year of appointment shall be removed from office by the governing body or bodies of the political subdivisions creating the veterans' service office by which the officer is employed.  

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New Veterans Resource Coordinators and County Service Officer partners will receive Phase One training within 45 days of hire.  New employees and county partners receive Phase Two training within 45 days of Phase One.  The initial accreditation test is administered at the end of Phase Two training. 

Quarterly regional proficiency training sessions are offered in March, June, September, and December. 


Contact Information:

Paul Spears
Training Officer 2
Phone: 615-741-1962

Lauren Buchanan
Training Officer
Phone: 615-907-4608