Youth Fishing & Free Fishing Day

Kids Fishing Events

This information will be updated as new events are received or changed, so check back frequently.

These listings are not-for-profit kids' fishing events.   -   Some of the listings may be non-TWRA sponsored events.  The TWRA does not endorse the listed sponsoring organizations but rather provides this list as a public service.   If you would like to host an upcoming kid's fishing event, you can find more information on our Free Youth Fishing webpage.   

2024 Youth Fishing Events

TWRA First Fish Award

First Fish Award Example Image

The First Fish Award is designed to commemorate that special moment in everybody's life-the landing of their first fish. The award recognizes this special moment with a frameable certificate identifying the angler, the fish caught, and other details of that moment. Size of the fish and age of the angler has no bearing, only that the fish is their first, and that it was caught in Tennessee.

How to Get Your First Fish Award?

There are 2 ways an angler can receive their first fish award. There is no charge for using either method.

  1. Online: This method uses a pdf file which can be used to fill out and print a first fish award at home.
  2. By Mail: If you would like to receive a first fish award by mail then simply fill out the online .pdf form provided here and return it to the TWRA Fisheries Management Division at the address on the form (instructions included). This award will be filled out, printed, signed by the Chief of Fisheries, and mailed to the angler.

Your First Fish!

Whitley Creek Ogle 2 years old caught a brown trout in Hartford, Tennessee.. Congratulations Whitley!
Karleigh O’Guinn caught a Catfish at Beech Bluff in Jackson Tennessee. Congratulations Karleigh!
Damien Knell caught a nice fish, congratulations Damien!
Drew Smith caught a nice fish, congratulations Drew!
Austin Downing
Huxley Beau
Fin King
First Fish
McElveen First Fish
McElveen First Fish
Ellison Peachee First Fish
Emersyn Hall First Fish
Katelynn Timbs First Fish
Lila May Mills First Fish
Luke Thomas Mills First Fish
Maggie Lynn Gunn First Fish
Violet Kahle First Fish
Lee Rowyn First Fish
Landin Evans First Fish