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Interstate 55 / Crump Boulevard Interchange

Shelby County

NOTICE: Project Temporarily on Hold

TDOT recently met to discuss travel demand modeling and related studies for projects within the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) boundary. The Memphis MPO maintains a Travel Demand Model (TDM), which provides data that TDOT uses in studies relevant to projects in that area. In particular, TDOT discussed concerns with TDM outputs related to studies being prepared for the interchange at Interstate 55 (I-55) and E.H. Crump Boulevard. 

TDOT is currently developing a limited scope supplemental environmental impact statement (LS SEIS) to evaluate two construction phasing scenarios for the construction of a new interchange at I-55 and Crump Boulevard. Key among the studies involved in that LS SEIS is an analysis of the economic effects the two scenarios would have on the region. That economic analysis relies on information pulled from the Memphis MPO TDM. During the development of the economic analysis, it was noted that certain TDM outputs were not consistent with our understanding of existing ground counts for several areas relevant to the regional economic analysis for this project. 

Given the questions about TDM outputs relevant to the studies for this project and that the MPO now has a pending update to its TDM, it was decided that this project should be temporarily placed on hold pending the MPO’s completion of the upcoming update to its TDM. Once the update is available, TDOT will then apply the updated data to the economic analysis and proceed with the development of the environmental document.



Interstate 55 is one of the major north-south transportation corridors in the United States. The I-55 Interchange at E.H. Crump Boulevard and South Riverside Drive in Memphis, Shelby County, is utilized by high volumes of a combination of local commuter and through-traffic, including large volumes of commercial truck traffic. The existing interchange cannot handle the current and projected traffic volumes in the area. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve the I-55 / Crump Boulevard interchange by replacing the existing cloverleaf design with a new configuration that reduces crashes, relieves congestion, and provides route continuity for I-55.

Proposed Design

The improvements to the I-55 / Crump Boulevard interchange will be accomplished by constructing new through travel lanes for mainline I-55 traffic, which will eliminate the requirement for interstate traffic to use single-lane, low-speed ramps in order to continue on I-55. A new multi-lane roundabout intersection will be constructed to replace the existing cloverleaf interchange and provide improved access to and from I-55 and existing local roadways.

TDOT will work closely with local officials and residents to obtain and develop ideas for designing and constructing the project with features that fit the context of the area and any future plans for the area.


Historical Artifacts

If remains, artifacts, or other archaeological materials are uncovered during construction, all construction in the area of the find will cease, and the Tennessee Division of Archaeology and recognized Native American tribes will be contacted immediately.