State Route 1 (US 70)

Benton County
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The Tennessee Department of Transportation is proposing to make improvements to State Route 1 (US 70) in Camden, in Benton County, Tennessee. This project will connect the Camden Bypass to the four-lane bridge over the Tennessee River at New Johnsonville.  The project will widen approximately 4.01 miles of SR 1 to a five-lane undivided roadway and realign intersections to provide safer connections.

This project was initiated at the request of local and state elected officials, citing the need for a more efficient transportation system to enhance economic development in this portion of West Tennessee.  This project will aid in the movement of traffic and goods in the project impact area while providing local and regional travelers with improved operating conditions.

This project is identified for funding in TDOT's 10-Year Project Plan, with construction scheduled in Fiscal Year 2025.

Current Status: This project is currently in the design phase.  

Estimated construction start: Fiscal Year 2025  

Estimated completion*: TBD

Funding Type: SR 1 is an IMPROVE Act project and is funded with 80% federal dollars and 20% state dollars.

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History and Background

The existing route is a two-lane roadway that is classified as a major arterial route on the State Highway system. The widening of SR 1 is composed of two sections:

From the beginning of the project to Highway 70E Access Road, SR 1 will be widened to an undivided 5-lane curb and gutter roadway with sidewalks.

From Highway 70E Access Road to the end of the project, SR 1 will be widened to an undivided 5-lane roadway with open shoulders.  Within this section, starting near Brook Lane, the road alignment will shift 18’ to the north and will continue to the end of the project.

The Advanced Planning Report (APR) was approved on March 29, 1993.  The proposed curb and gutter roadway section was designed as recommended in the APR. The APR provided two alternatives for open shoulder roadway section within the project.  Alternate A recommended the same roadway typical section and alignment shift to the morth as described above.  Alternate B recommended the same roadway typical section as described above, but with an alignment shift to the south. Alternate B was the original recommendation because it would have affected less tracts and resulted in less utility and right-of-way expenses.

Once the project entered the design phase, it was determined that Alternate B would have a greater overall impact on the environment than Alternate A.  Due to this determination, Alternate A became the preferred design for the project.  The project was developed using the preferred design. In July of 2011, the plans were submitted for right-of-way (ROW) acquisition and appraisals.

In 2013, TDOT recommended an Expedited Project Delivery (EPD) review of the project.  The purpose of this review was to identify and recommend improvement options that are feasible, cost effective, and provide improved safety and mobility through the proposed project’s corridor.

In May of 2017, a Record of Decision, stemming from the EPD review, was handed down with a recommendation to continue with the original design that was submitted for ROW.


Public Involvement and Engagement

A Public Informational Meeting was held on June 4, 2009, at the Camden Junior High School, 75 Schools Drive in Camden, TN.  The purpose of the meeting was to allow the public to view project displays in the early stage of the preliminary plan’s development and answer questions.

A public design meeting was held on July 8, 2010, at Camden Central High School, 115 Schools Drive, Camden, TN.  The purpose of the meeting was to review and comment on the preliminary plans. 58 people attended the meeting.  


Project Imagery & Visuals

SR 1 / U.S. 70 Project Map



On May 26, 2010, a D-List Categorical Exclusion (CE) environmental document was approved. Due to the amount of time that had lapsed after the original document was approved, a reevaluation of the environmental document was required and approved by the FHWA on September 19, 2022.


Key Project Milestones

Advanced Planning Report approved – March 1993

Public Information Meeting – June 2009

D-List Categorical Exclusion (CE) Environmental Document approved – May 2010

Public Design Meeting – July 2010

Right-of-Way Appraisal/Acquisition began – July 2011

EPD Record of Decision – May 2017

D-List C.E. Reevaluation Approved – September 2022

Project Contacts

Nichole Lawrence
TDOT Region 4 Community Relations Officer (Media)
Phone: 731.935.0318

Derek Link (Design)
TDOT Region 4 Transportation Project Specialist Sr.
Phone: 731.935.0145