Haley-Jaqueth WMA

Site Directions: From 840 south of Nashville, take exit 42 and head south on US 41/31A.  When the highway splits, bear right and stay on 31A towards College Grove, approximately 2 miles.

The WMA is primarily on the east side of the highway or on your left as you head south.

Just before the intersection of College Grove Rd and US 31A, there is a large red barn on the left with a pull-off.  This is one access point. A sign is on the barn for the WMA.

There is also a sign on the roadside ~1 mile north of the barn, however, it is behind a fence and grown over with vines.

The WMA south of Harpeth River is bordered by Horton Hwy on the West, Bellenfant road on the south and the Harpeth River on the east.

Parking is primarily at the big red barn and on Bellenfant road.  There is no parking at the shooting range.  This area is restricted to high school students involved in shooting sports in schools’ programs. Do not park at the gates going to the shooting range.

Land on the west side of Horton Hwy is a safety zone and used as an office and meeting venue.

Barn - Lat: 35.78899°N Long: -86.67350°W

Hours: daylight hours

Seasonality: year-round

Fees: none 



Big Game and Dog Training - Same as statewide seasons, except as noted.

Archery equipment is only for deer. Archers must comply with legal blaze orange requirements during muzzleloader and gun seasons.

Turkey - Bag limit one (1) bearded turkey during the first 14 days of the statewide season, not to exceed two (2) for the season. One bird must be an adult gobbler.

Dove - Sept. 2, 2023. Youth only (6-16) accompanied by a non-hunting adult, and shooting is from staked positions only. September 4, 2023 and every Saturday thereafter of the 1st segment is open to all ages. All hunting is on a designated field only.

Dog training - Daylight hours only. 

Site Description: Forested tree lines break up agricultural fields across this small 200 acre site.  A couple creeks, occasionally dry, run through the property.

Low wet areas may provide habitat for shorebirds.  The Harpeth River passes through the middle of the WMA and when water is low, this may be a nice exploration hike.

Wildlife to Watch: Wild Turkeys can be seen in the fields and forest edges.

Great Blue Heron rookery is present along the Harpeth River in the middle of the WMA.

Eastern Phoebe nests under the bridge on the county line on College Grove Rd.

Early successional birds such as Field SparrowIndigo BuntingNorthern Cardinal, and Mourning Dove are common in summer.

Blue-gray GnatcatcherEastern KingbirdNorthern Bobwhite, and Barn Swallows can be found. Barn Owl may be present in the barn. 

Contact Information

Region 2 Office: 615-781-6622
Toll-Free: 1-800-624-7406
E-mail the office
Area Manager: Tommy Edwards (931) 840-4042

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