The Division of Forestry protects the state's forest resource through fire readiness, wildfire suppression, training volunteer firefighters, and combating arson.  During a crisis, Division employees work closely with volunteer firefighters and rescue squads.

We typically have two fire seasons.  The spring fire season, prompted by warming weather, begins about February 15 and ends near May 15th, when the forest has "greened up".  Fall fire season begins around October 15, when the leaves begin to fall and usually ends December 15th due to shorter, cooler, wetter days.  Still, wildland fires occur year round.  A burning permit is required for outdoor burning between October 15th and May 15th.

How You Can Help:

Houses in the woods are vulnerable to wildfire, yet you can take steps to reduce the risk. The National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Program website can show you how.

One way to fight fires is through fire prevention. This is done through educational efforts such as the Smokey Bearprogram. Contact your Forestry Division District Office to check on Smokey’s availability.

Careless debris burning is a major cause of wildland fires. Please exercise extreme caution with all potential sources of wildfire ignition.  Learn more at BurnSafeTn.org.

Reporting a Forest Fire:

Call the emergency number listed in the front of your telephone book or call 911.

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