Safeguarding Your Property

Tips to safeguard your farm & investments

• Lock gates and equipment
• Keep areas well lit
• Install security or game cameras
• Photograph livestock and equipment
• Mark equipment for identification
• Brand livestock
• Count livestock daily
• Report missing animals and equipment to law enforcement immediately
• Watch out for strangers and report unusual activity
• Record tag numbers and descriptions of unfamiliar vehicles
• Vary your schedule and livestock feeding times
• If possible, keep livestock and equipment out of public view

Farm Tracs Logo

The Tennessee Farm TRACS (Traceability Reporting for the Agricultural Community System) program allows the public to report and to stay informed of agricultural crime in their community.  When the Ag Crime Unit monitors elevated levels of agricultural crime in a given location or when it requests public support or tips in solving crime, an alert will be forwarded to persons enrolled in Farm TRACS.