South Fork Waterfowl Refuge

Site Directions: There are two access points to this area. Both of which is directly off of Highway 412 and on the south side of Highway 412.

East Parking Lot – Lat. 35.6656 N, Long.  -88.9145 W:

West Parking Lot – Lat. 35.6706 N, Long. 88.9443 W

Seasonality: All year except closed to all activities five days before the first opening of the late duck season to Feb. 15. See WMA Regulations for specific closures and openings during hunting seasons.

Madison County • 778 acres • ON Hwy. 412
Andrew Rutherford (731) 345-9992

Big Game and Small Game are the same as statewide seasons, except closed to all activities five days before the first opening of the late duck season to Feb. 15.

All hunting other than waterfowl is prohibited during the duck season occurring in Nov. - Feb.  No access during refuge closure dates except for waterfowl hunters on open hunt days.

Fall turkey season is closed.

Deer seasons follow Unit CWD dates and bag limits, including the August G/M/A Hunt. 

Turkey - One non-quota hunt; April 13 - May 7, 2024. Bag limit one bearded turkey counts toward the statewide bag limit.

Turkey (Young Sportsman) - Same as statewide season and bag limit.

Waterfowl - Same as statewide season, except hunting of waterfowl during the late duck season permitted on Saturday and Sunday and the first and last day of each segment of the duck season occurring in Nov. - Feb. All hunting ceases at 3 p.m. (CST) each day, except the last day of the season when hunting closes at sunset. Walk-in only. No blinds, decoys, or materials may be left overnight. No access before 4 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

Site Description: This area consists of 778 acres of predominately seasonal and permanent wetlands. There are some portions of the area that have bottomland forests. The South Fork Forked Deer River runs along the southern boundary, therefore this area is prone to extensive flooding.

Wildlife to Watch: The forest and swamps of the area provide some excellent habitats for woodland birdsProthonotary Warblers are common breeding birds in summer. A wide variety of waterfowl species can be present during the winter months.

Contact Information

Region 1 Office:  731-423-5725
Phone: Toll-Free:  800-372-3928
E-mail the office
Area Manager:   Andrew Rutherford (731) 345-9992

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