State Route 60 from North of I-75 to State Route 306 (Eureka Road)

Bradley County


The project to improve a 2.9-mile section of State Route 60 from north of Interstate 75 (Westlake Drive) to State Route 306 (Eureka Road) in Bradley County includes realignment, widening, and new construction from a two-lane roadway with roadside ditches to a five-lane roadway (two lanes in each direction with a dedicated center turn lane) along with the addition of paved shoulders, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and street lighting. The design includes the realignment of SR-60 and several side roads to improve safety and sight distance throughout. In addition, the project will include the construction of a new bridge over Candies Creek and upgraded intersections and traffic signals at Crown Colony Drive, Villa Drive, Paul Huff Parkway, and SR-306. Two retaining walls will be constructed to accommodate the widened roadway and several major utilities will be relocated. Due to the significant size of the overall project, the proposed improvements have been separated into three smaller sections or phases.

Purpose and Need

This section of SR 60 has three schools, several new commercial developments, and has seen a significant general increase in daily traffic. It is imperative this portion of roadway is improved. The proposed improvements for this route will correct roadway deficiencies, improve access, increase capacity, and improve the safety, efficiency, and operation of the roadway.


The existing route is a two-lane highway with negligible shoulders and access to businesses as well as residential properties. The section between Davis Circle and Lenox Drive will be widened predominately to the west of the existing roadway. From Lenox Drive through the Paul Huff Parkway intersection will be a new roadway alignment on all new construction. This will eliminate the curve on a hill that provides poor visibility. From Candy’s Creek Cherokee Elementary School to Hopewell Place will be reconstructed and widened to both sides of the existing roadway. The new alignment will be a five-lane facility, allowing for two lanes in each direction with a dedicated center turn lane.

The intersection of SR 60 and SR 306 (Eureka Road/Freewill Road) will be reconstructed and realigned to provide a better angle and create improved sight distance for vehicles at the signalized intersection.

A new bridge will be constructed over Candies Creek. In total, construction will include one bridge, one box culvert, as well as two retaining walls, along the route.

Additionally, 5-foot sidewalks will be constructed along both sides of the roadway.